Biomass Thermal Energy Council Announces Newest Webinar About the European Biomass Experience

BTEC's latest webinar "Brits, Brussels and Biomass: The European Path to Renewable Heating" will be live on June 15 at 12 noon ET. Registration for this educational event is completely free.

Brits, Brussels, and Biomass: The European Path Towards Renewable Heating
Registration is now open for the free educational webinar on June 15 at 12PM ET, 9 AM PT

Washington, DC, 6/9/11 --- Imagine the impact on U.S. jobs and local economies if 95% of new domestic heating appliances used renewable fuels and avoided costly oil imports. That is the case in Austria; while in several European countries renewable heating is fast becoming a reality. Other nations are taking note of these successful examples to successfully displace fossil fuel use.

Attend the free webcast, "Brits, Brussels, and Biomass: The European Path Towards Renewable Heating," on Wednesday, June 15 at 12PM ET by the Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) (, and hear from three highly distinguished panelists on their countries' paths toward renewable heating. This is the sixth webinar in a series funded in part by the USDA's Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC).

This free webinar will connect attendees with their European counterparts to learn the successes and failures of 20+ years of renewable heating policy. Attend and learn:

• Why countries like Austria and Britain have recognized the potential of renewable heating
• How the European Union has taken action to encourage renewable heating policies in the member states
• How strong, consistent public policy supportive of renewable heat can change energy consumption in a region
• Which challenges these countries had to overcome and how
• What incentives have proven highly successful and could be implemented in the U.S.

• Günter Hörmandinger, First Counselor - Environment, Delegation of the European Union to the United States of America
• Andrej Miller, Policy Manager, Renewable Heat Incentive, U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change
• Christiane Egger, Deputy Director, Upper Austrian Renewable Energy Agency
• Joseph Seymour, Program Coordinator - Policy and Government Affairs, BTEC
• Moderated by Emanuel Wagner, Program Coordinator - Outreach, Education and External Affairs, BTEC
"More than one-third of primary energy [is] being used for heat, [but] there has been a lack of recognition of the role of renewable heat in policy delivery. The approach could be characterized as - no targets; no concerted policy; no strategy; and, limited support for development…Biomass is unique as the only widespread source of high-grade renewable heat." – United Kingdom Biomass Task Force – Report to the Government (2005)

All registrants will have access to a live recording and copy of the presentation after the webinar. Registration is available at For additional questions on this event, please contact:

Emanuel Wagner
Program Coordinator - Outreach, Education and External Affairs
Biomass Thermal Energy Council
202-596-3974 x360

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