Wonderland Mini Storage's New 200 kW System

London, Ontario's Wonderland Mini Storage is excited to announce that it has commissioned a 200 kW system, with the help of all local and Canadian companies: Ray's Electric Inc., Solar Systems on Site, and suppliers Sentinel Solar, Enphase Energy and Solgate PV.

ONTARIO - London's Wonderland Mini Storage has recently commissioned Ontario's first 200 kW Solar system using Enphase microinverters. A very happy customer, Wonderland Mini Storage, realized that a solar project was a great opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint, create local jobs and generate power and revenue. This large scale project could not have been accomplished without the efforts and teamwork of all the partners involved: Ray's Electric Inc., Solar Systems on Site, Sentinel Solar, Enphase Energy, and Solgate Solar.

It was important to Wonderland Mini Storage to have local companies participate in this project and due to the size of the installation, gathering an experienced team was critical. After much research, Don Payne of Ray's Electric Inc. in London was selected as the project lead. Having just installed a 10kW system on his home, Mr. Payne was impressed with Sentinel Solar and selected them to supply the project components. Solar Systems on Site rounded out the team and installation was underway.

This impressive system was locally manufactured and consisted of 888 Enphase M190 microinverters (produced in Newmarket), 225W Solgate Solar panels (produced in Woodbridge) and Sentinel Solar racking (produced in Richmond Hill) to complete an array that will generate approximately 254 Megawatts per year of renewable energy that will be fed back into the grid under the FIT program.

Don from Ray's Electric Inc. Inc. along with Brian Gatschene and his sons, Jeff and Wes, from Solar Systems on Site, worked together to successfully install this big project. Their 25 year professional and personal relationship made the process a very positive experience: "Their work ethic is so much like our own we knew we would make a great team," Don said. "They take pride in everything they do, and it certainly shows." R. Russell Construction and Guillevin International, both local London companies, also assisted in the project.

"This was the first Enphase installation of its size in Ontario, and we're seeing the range of projects using Enphase expand as more integrators seek us out for commercial-scale solar installations," said Jeff Loebbaka, vice president of worldwide sales for Enphase Energy. "Sentinel Solar, our largest partner in Canada, used our microinverters to deliver a reliable clean energy system to Wonderland Mini Storage that comes with lifetime, built in monitoring to ensure system uptime." The system can be viewed online at http://www.solarsystemsonsite.ca/fit.html.

This is a very exciting time for the developing Ontario solar industry. According to Don, "this program was started to produce clean energy and promote jobs for Ontarians and we feel this project accomplished both!"

Sentinel Solar (www.sentinelsolar.com)

Sentinel Solar is an Ontario solar supplier company that has over 20 years of solar experience in Canada. Based in Woodbridge, Ontario, Sentinel Solar is dedicated to providing complete solar solutions for commercial, farm and residential markets. They provide industry leading technology to maximize ROI (return on investment) and longevity of the system and are very proud to have 68% domestic compliant systems. Sentinel enjoys a strong partnership with PV manufacturer Solgate PV, and is the largest Canadian distributer of Enphase products.

Solgate PV Manufacturing (www.solgate.ca)

Established almost 7 years ago, Solgate is the first PV manufacturer in Ontario, operating out of a 24,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Woodbridge. They produce high quality PV crystalline modules ranging from 160W – 260W.

Enphase Energy (www.enphase.com)

Enphase Energy pioneered a fundamentally new inverter technology for the solar industry that increases energy production, simplifies design and installation, improves system uptime and reliability, reduces fire safety risk and provides a platform for intelligent energy management.

Ray's Electric Inc. (rayselectric.inc@hotmail.com)

Ray's Electric Inc. Inc. Incorporated is a family run business in its 45th year. The business was originally founded by Don's parents, Ray and Muriel Payne in 1966. Don and his wife, Carri, took over the business in 1987 and are proud to serve their customers in the London area.

Solar Systems on Site (solarsystemsonsite@gmail.com)

Established in 2009, Solar Systems on Site is a local London solar installation company. Family owned, Brian Gatschene saw a future with solar and as his passion for the solar industry grew, he knew this was what he wanted to be involved in. With Brian and his sons' combined technical backgrounds and experience, the solar industry was an easy fit for them.

Wonderland Mini Storage (www.wonderlandministorage.com)

Wonderland Mini Storage is owned and operated by a family in Lambeth. Their first priority is to provide excellent value and service in the self storage industry. Many local families and businesses have benefited from the great prices, convenient location, clean units and easy access self storage.

Now Wonderland Mini Storage is looking forward to many sunny days!

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