AWS Truepower Now Offers Plant Performance Reporting Services

Making it cost effective for wind plant operators to get optimized plant production feedback.

ALBANY, NY—August 18, 2011—AWS Truepower, LLC, an international leader in renewable energy consulting and information services, today announced the offering of Operational Wind Plant Performance Reporting Services. The service leverages the in-house knowledge and expertise of AWS Truepower's staff as well as its state-of-the-art software application SHARP (System Health Analysis Reporting Program), which was designed to integrate seamlessly with industry standard SCADA data, helping make comprehensive and efficient reporting cost effective.

The new service is designed to free up valuable time from plant operators and will make reporting detailed information on plant operations on a weekly, monthly and annual basis more efficient and cost effective for wind plant owners and operators.
"We want to allow busy operators more time to focus attention on plant optimization by becoming an extension of their operations and maintenance team," stated Paul Legac, Applications Engineer, AWS Truepower. "The performance reports will contain plant and turbine level energy production and wind speeds, as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as energy and time weighted availability and capacity factor. Depending upon the data, detailed information regarding energy lost and turbines affected for all events will be included along with recommendations for potential mitigating strategies for the most costly events."
Key benefits of Operational Wind Plant Performance Reporting Service include:
• Leverages SHARP: Automated analysis routines increase reporting efficiency and accuracy by integrating seamlessly with industry standard SCADA data
• Time Efficient: Allows plant managers to increase their attention to plant operations and performance optimization by not having to perform analysis
• Quantifies Plant Underperformance: Quicker weekly, monthly and annual operational performance reports, thereby enabling prompter action to evaluate and improve production
• Extension of Operations and Maintenance Team: Reports are reviewed by AWS Truepower's experienced staff and insights to mitigate underperformance and faults are summarized
"SHARP was introduced a year and a half ago and has been a valuable wind industry tool. By creating a smarter performance reporting service for wind plant operators, the turnaround time will be extremely beneficial when they see the causes for lost energy soon after it occurred." said Bruce Bailey, CEO, AWS Truepower.
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