Alpha Energy Introduces New Suite of Energy Solutions at Solar Power International 2011

New Products Give Users and System Integrators the Independence Needed to Use the Grid in Any Application

Bellingham, Wash. – October 12, 2011– Alpha Energy, a member of the worldwide power systems provider The Alpha Group, will unveil a new suite of solar power solutions in Alpha Energy Booth #801 at the Solar Power International Expo 2011 (SPI '11) from October 17-20 at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, TX. Presented by the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), SPI '11 is the premier business-to-business global solar expo and is designed to serve and advance the solar energy industry.

Alpha Energy's newly introduced, comprehensive offering of solar power systems improves overall reliability, reducing operating energy expenses and increases system efficiencies. The following turnkey systems will be on display at SPI '11:
• Optimum Power Solutions, offered in three levels of system design, are modular systems that deliver power to remote locations for mission-critical, field applications such as transportation, security (including video surveillance), lighting, telecommunications, military, marine and emergency communications. Additionally, these solutions use stored weather data for operational configuration.
• PVPS allows users to design completely independent solar power systems based on DC power (no inverter) to let them operate independently of local utility regulations and AC permit processes. It gets renewable electricity up-and-running faster with no hassles anywhere in the world where a DC system is appropriate.
• Hybrid AC/DC connects to multiple sources generating DC power (solar, wind, hydro) and is ideal for remote installations such as military facilities and pipeline companies, where multiple sources of renewable energy may be used.
• Modular Power System is a storage solution with batteries, an inverter and a charge controller all integrated into one assembly. It targets areas with a lot of unreliable grid power and can store grid electricity and power from solar panels or other on-site power generation.

To highlight Alpha Energy's commitment to renewable energy and a green future, the company will feature charging stations for the Bravo Electric Scooter, which will be raffled off to booth visitors in exchange for providing feedback on the use of solar power today. The Bravo scooters, which are advanced zero-emissions vehicles, are available as fleet transportation for a variety of applications.

"The SPI '11 event gives Alpha Energy the chance to exhibit a number of unique solar-powered product applications," said John Meyer, director of engineering and operations at Alpha Energy. "We remain committed to showing the industry how far PV hybrid systems have come, the number of options we have for large power requirements and what is possible with today's solar technologies."

About Alpha Energy
Alpha Energy is a full-service engineering and project development company for turnkey renewable energy technologies and photovoltaic systems for commercial, institutional and remote (off-grid) applications. Alpha Energy is a division of Alpha Technologies, a world leading Total Power Solutions provider for more than 35 years. Alpha Energy is a member of The Alpha Group.

The Alpha Group represents a global alliance of independent companies that share a common philosophy: create world-class Total Power Solutions for communication, commercial, industrial and renewable energy markets.

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