New Partnerships with Market Leading Junction Box Manufacturers Significantly Reduces Balance of System Costs for Commercial and Utility-Scale PV Systems while Increasing Energy Production and System Reliability

Fort Collins, Colorado and Dallas, Texas—October 19, 2011—Ampt, an innovative designer of active electronics for photovoltaic (PV) solar modules, today announced partnerships with Amphenol, Huber+Suhner, Multi-Contact and Shoals Technologies Group to bring the company's groundbreaking DC/DC module-level optimizers to the global PV market. Ampt optimizers with patented Smart Panel Technology™ lower the $/watt cost of PV systems and maximize the power generation of every solar module to significantly lower the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) compared to conventional PV systems.

The solar industry is seeking innovative approaches to lowering LCOE – ways to get more energy at a lower cost. In today's market, system integrators are especially focused on reducing the cost of balance of system (BOS) components such as inverters, wiring, combiner boxes and related materials and labor. Ampt lowers the $/watt cost of these BOS components by as much as 50 percent or more.

In addition to lowering system cost, Ampt increases the lifetime energy output of a PV power plant by putting maximum power point tracking (MPPT) in each PV module. PV modules powered by Ampt not only recapture mismatch losses between modules and strings, but also enable other components in the system to operate more efficiently than in a conventional array.

To further lower the lifetime cost of PV systems, Ampt optimizers are available with or without module-level communication capabilities. Optimizers with Ampt's wireless communication provide greater visibility into system performance and failures to reduce maintenance costs. By communicating with up to 2.000 PV modules per gateway, Ampt is 40 times more scalable than other solutions, while still providing highly accurate "snap-shot" and historical information on any size PV system.

Moreover, Ampt significantly reduces the risk of faults and fire hazard. With both prevention and detection features, Ampt mitigates potentially hazardous conditions, disabling the output of individual modules, strings or the entire system if needed.

By partnering with leading junction box makers, Ampt is making its Smart Panel Technology™ available to a global base of PV module manufacturers.

"We are very pleased to be working with leading companies in the market and are excited to show the industry our technology and value," said Levent Gun, CEO at Ampt. "Ampt has the only module-level power management solution that can simultaneously lower deployment costs and maximize energy output of a PV system."

Reliability and flexibility further distinguish Ampt's industry-leading technology. Ampt optimizers have a demonstrated Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) that is 10-20 times longer than that of competitors, and Ampt is not dependent on communication to deliver reliable, maximum power throughout the PV system life. Additionally, Ampt optimizers are not tied to a particular inverter. This gives integrators the freedom to select the best inverter for their specific project, and opens the marketplace for PV modules with Ampt inside.

Ampt's products are certified in North America and Europe and deployed with top module manufacturers and system integrators. Junction boxes powered by Ampt will be on display during Solar Power International at Amphenol Corporation (booth #6650), Huber+Suhner (booth #2744), Multi-Contact (booth #5130) and Shoals Technologies Group (booth #5127).

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Ampt delivers innovative power conversion technology and communications capabilities that are changing the way PV systems are designed. The company, along with strategic partners, is lowering system cost, improving ROI, increasing energy generation and broadening the PV solar market.

The result? Energy realized™.

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