Unirac Introduces SolarMount (E)volution Residential PV Mounting System at SPI 2011

Addition to SolarMount Infrastructure Product Family Offers Unprecedented Speed, Ease and Flexibility

DALLAS, Texas, October 18, 2011 — Unirac, Inc., North America's leading provider of infrastructure for solar power systems, introduced a new PV racking system, SolarMount (E)volution, at the Solar Power International (SPI) trade show opening today in the Dallas Convention Center. SolarMount (E)volution has redefined what residential mounting systems can offer distributors and installers, with its installer-inspired design, more intuitive attachments, and a future-proof approach to engineering excellence that makes it easy to support future codes and standards.

"We are proud to add SolarMount (E)volution to our field-proven SolarMount product family," said Juan Suarez, Unirac's senior director of engineering and program management. "To guide the industry toward best practices, we make substantive investments in research and development, analysis, testing and simulation. This shows in the value offered by our best-in-class, performance-engineered products like SolarMount (E)volution, now available for order."

Versatility is a key feature of SolarMount (E)volution. It offers I-beam construction and two rail span options —six feet and four feet— for module configurations. Universal module mounting hardware with integrated bonding can be inserted easily anywhere along a rail regardless of module thickness. These features result in fewer physical parts and fewer tools, reducing hassles and increasing installation time. In addition, there is no anti-seize or module hardware twist. SolarMount (E)volution also includes a one-handed installation option, universal socket size and integrated bonding.

Tests conducted by third-party installers rank SolarMount (E)volution above competing solutions for installation speed, as highlighted in a video on the Unirac site at http://unirac.com/residential/residential-products/solarmountevolution-residential.

SolarMount (E)volution showcases Unirac's dedication to safety and testing and has been designed with the highest standards in mind. SolarMount (E)volution is currently pending International Code Council ICC-ES approval. ICC-ES Evaluation Reports provide regulators and construction professionals with clear evidence that products comply with codes and standards. Unirac is the first company to apply for an ICC ESR under ICC-ES AC428.

Unirac's full line of innovative PV mounting solutions, including SolarMount (E)volution, is on display in SPI booth 3037 through Thursday, October 20. (See today's other press announcement, "Unirac Unveils New ISYS Single Access Tracker for Commercial and Utility Solar Arrays at SPI 2011.")

Links embedded in this release:
• SolarMount (E)volution: http://unirac.com/residential/residential-products/solarmountevolution-residential
• SPI: http://www.solarpowerinternational.com
• SolarMount™ family: http://www.unirac.com/residential/residential-solutions
• International Code Council: http://www.iccsafe.org/Pages/default.aspx
• ISYS™ Tracker: http://www.unirac.com/utility/utility-products/isys-tracker-utility

About Unirac®
Unirac, a Hilti company, is North America's leading provider of infrastructure for solar power systems. Recognized as an industry innovator on both the product and process side, Unirac is one of the fastest growing companies in the solar industry. Unirac has achieved certifications for both ISO 9001:2008 for QMS and ISO 14001:2004 for EMS. Its industrial-grade solar mount solutions meet ‘Made in America', ‘Buy American', ARRA and Ontario Power Authority FIT and microFIT criteria. For more information about Unirac, please visit http://www.unirac.com.

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