New Energy and City of Roanoke, VA Successfully Debut World's First-of-its-Kind Electricity-Generating Rumble Strip to Nearly 6000 Visitors

Participants Driving Over Company's MotionPower(TM) System Could Generate Enough Electricity to Power Lights for the Average American Home for an Entire Day.

Columbia, MD - November 4, 2011- New Energy Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: NENE) and the City of Roanoke, Virginia successfully debuted the Company's latest MotionPower(TM)-Express system, the world's first-of-its-kind rumble strip, capable of generating sustainable electricity. The Civic Center debut marks the first of several test and demonstration events the Company plans to conduct in partnership with the City of Roanoke.

"The City of Roanoke takes seriously its responsibility to be good stewards of the environment and is always looking for unique ways to meet our mission of increased sustainability," said Ken Cronin, Director of General Services/Sustainability for the City of Roanoke. "We are proud to be the first city in the nation to test this novel technology with the potential to make the way we produce energy more clean and green."

Held last weekend at the Roanoke Civic Center, nearly 6000 visitors and over 580 vehicles participated in the demonstration event, with each driver activating New Energy's patent pending MotionPower(TM)-Express System. As drivers slowed down, or came to a stop, their vehicle tires depressed small rumble strip-like treadles, allowing for the capture of kinetic energy. This captured energy was converted to electricity, which powered a series of brightly illuminated lights displayed to drivers.

Engineering estimates show an optimized and installed MotionPower(TM) System experiencing a traffic pattern similar to the 6-hour event, could produce enough sustainable electricity to power lights for the average American home for an entire day. In commercial applications, the same electricity could power a 150 square foot sports-venue electronic billboard or marquee for an entire day.

"The MotionPower(TM)-Express was safely demonstrated to over 580 vehicles attending events on Saturday," said Robyn Schon, General Manager of the Roanoke Civic Center, managed by Global Spectrum, manager of over 100 public assembly venues around the world. "Visitors were excited to learn more about the technology and to help the City of Roanoke in its mission to implement green energy initiatives. "

"We applaud and thank the City of Roanoke for their vision and cooperation in making this a successful demonstration," said John Conklin, President and CEO of New Energy Technologies, Inc. "I especially want to thank the hundreds drivers and thousands of participants who helped us green the City, one car at a time."

MotionPower(TM)-Express can be designed for a range of speeds based on traffic pattern and the amount of energy required for a specific application. These applications may include: sport and entertainment venues, solid waste transfer stations, fleet vehicle maintenance facilities, transportation depots, airports (passenger arrival and departure areas), parking lots, border crossings, exit ramps, neighborhoods with traffic calming zones, rest areas, toll booths, and travel plazas.

"MotionPower can offset the city's cost of operating traffic control devices, such as traffic signals and street lights," said Mark Jamison, City of Roanoke Manager of Transportation. "This innovative partnership with New Energy Technologies has the potential to provide a more sustainable environment, while simultaneously conserving strained budgets of cities across the nation."

More than 250 million vehicles are registered in America and an estimated 6 billion miles are driven on our nation's roads every day. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration nearly 70 percent of America's electricity is generated by natural gas and coal. The environmental impact of greenhouse gas emissions and the rising cost of those non-renewable fuels, along with the potential doubling of global electricity consumption in the coming years, require the urgent need for creative, sustainable methods of generating electricity. The prospect of sustainably converting vehicle motion and deceleration (vehicle energy) into electricity represents significant positive environmental impact and alternative energy opportunities.

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New Energy Technologies, Inc., together with its wholly owned subsidiaries, is a developer of next generation alternative and renewable energy technologies. Through established relationships with universities, research institutions, and commercial partners, we strive to identify technologies and business opportunities on the leading edge of renewable energy innovation. Unique to our business model is the use of established research infrastructure owned by the various institutions we deal with, saving us significant capital which would otherwise be required for such costs as land and building acquisition, equipment and capital equipment purchases, and other start-up expenses. As a result, we are able to benefit from leading edge research while employing significantly less capital than conventional organizations.

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