The US Solar Confidence survey - The results are in.

Over 35,000 solar professionals were invited to take part in Solar power generation USA survey, assessing solar confidence in the US. The results are now in.

A recent report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance demonstrated that, in spite of plunging stock prices, investment in utility scale renewable energy was higher in Q3 than in any other quarter and up by 16% compared to this time last year.

The second shock of the report was that it was the US cleantech sector taking the lead in terms of investment, overtaking the usual front runners Europe and China.

This seemingly positive news is however tainted with some worries from investors and the cleantech sector. Some believe Solyndra's high profile collapse will affect government support of renewable incentives, whilst others expect the expiry of the Treasury cash grant at the end of the year to dampen the development of utility scale projects.

Building upon Bloomberg New Energy Finance's findings, Green Power Conferences and the Solar Power Generation USA congress invited over 35,000 professionals from the solar and finance communities to take part in a 5 minute survey to assess industry confidence for 2012.

Despite expected difficulties in the market, over 60% of respondents thought that investment in the utility scale solar sector would increase in 2012, whilst 20% thought it would stay the same as 2011 levels.

The proposed expiry of the 1603 Treasury Cash Grant, however, created more of a divide between you. Just over a third of respondents thought this would significantly affect large scale solar project development in 2012, whilst 40% thought there would still be enough tax equity finance for good projects.

To read the full report findings for free visit the website

One thing is for sure, competition for the best financing deals is going to be fierce in 2012. Whether it's sourcing tax equity, seeking a buyer for your solar project, looking at innovative financing structures or exploring the role of strategic and non traditional investors, the solar industry is already working hard to ensure the continued development of utility scale solar power projects.

Join us at Solar Power Generation USA in Las Vegas to meet the sector's leading investors and financial minds.

Key highlights of the congress include:
• Join the panel of tax equity investors, including Union Bank's Vice President of Solar Finance Greg Rosen to discuss how to fund solar projects beyond the 1603 cash grant

• Hear from BrightSource Energy's Vice President of Structured Finance on the company's plans to fund further project development

• Meet investors such as Good Energies' John Breckenridge, who still see CSP as an attractive investment up against falling PV prices

• Network with key project buyers including Iberdrola Renewables, Beautiful Earth Group & Principal Solar and discuss what projects are being eyed up and which are being avoided

• Attend roundtable breakfast sessions to connect face to face and informally with top investors, solar CFOs and project finance teams

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