DEGERenergie supports research and study project of Lakeland College in Canada with MLD systems

November 17, 2011. With its Maximum Light Detection (MLD) solar tracking systems, DEGERenergie supports the Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta. The college is integrated into a research and study program of the NSERC, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

Last year, students and teachers of the college successfully took part in a competition held by the NSERC. Their reward: 2.3 million Canadian dollars, money they can now use for their research and work study. The research funds are to be utilized to raise young scientists' awareness of renewable energies and sustainable innovations and to provide them with more research possibilities and information options.

Within the context of its work project, the college has demonstrated interest in DEGERenergie's MLD technology, which is held in high esteem in Canada. Rainer Ott, sales director at DEGERenergie: "We are delighted to see our technology being increasingly appreciated in research and it goes without saying that it is a matter of course for us to support initiatives like this to the best of our ability. In the end, the objective of all these research projects is to find the best possible path into a safe and environmentally friendly future of energy for humanity."

As a first step on this path, the German manufacturer has now delivered the DEGERtraker 5000HD, its most successful model, on the Canadian market to Lakeland College. The system will be installed by students and employees of the college. At the beginning of next year, DEGERenergie will additionally provide two TOPtraker 8.5 systems.

Energy neutral project

Lakeland College is extremely pleased to have the support of DEGERenergie in the NSERC sponsored applied research into advancing integration, efficiency and visualization of multi-component renewable energy systems.

As part of the research initiatives at Lakeland College, a new center for sustainable innovation is under development that includes a net-zero research and demonstration training center. The center will use a unique geothermal system with six different and independently controlled boreholes to allow efficiency testing. Solar thermal technology will also be used for heating. The electricity will be supplied mainly by solar modules, with the addition of wind power.

The key component of the solar technology used are the solar trackers purchased with financial and technical support from DEGERenergie. Lakeland College will be evaluating the efficiency gains from the single and dual axis trackers compared to a fixed mount rack at a Northern latitude with cold winter climate conditions. The data gained will be used for the applied research projects and by students in the Lakeland College Renewable Energy and Conservation program. Having strong industry partners with cutting-edge training and facilities is essential for students and their research. Lakeland College is looking forward to working with DEGERenergie to help obtain our training and applied research objectives.

The Canadian solar market is dominated by DEGERenergie's DEGERtraker 5000HD and 9000NT systems. In this context, the company benefits from its outstanding reputation of providing sturdy and reliable quality products and excellent service. Rainer Ott: "Our trade mark – and as such it is regarded by our Canadian partners and customers – is ‘German Engineering Quality – made in Ontario/Canada'. In addition, we have numerous experienced local service and support partners."

New in early 2012: TOPtraker 8.5

The single-axis TOPtraker 8.5, two of which DEGERenergie will soon deliver to Lakeland College, will be introduced to the US and Canadian market in early 2012. DEGERenergie will offer two variants of this system: an elevation angle of 20° for Southern USA and 30° for the North and Canada. The TOPtraker 8.5 is designed for installation on a module area of 8.5 square meters on buildings and can be operated with all commercially available solar modules. Depending on the module type, the rated power is between 500 and 1,300 Wp.

DEGERenergie is the global market leader for solar tracking systems. Worldwide, approximately 45,000 DEGERenergie systems have been installed in over 45 countries. The company is represented in Spain, Greece and North America with its own subsidiaries and cooperates with local distribution and service partners in many countries worldwide. The patented DEGERenergie Maximum Light Detection (MLD) technology makes it possible to improve the energy yield of solar power plants by up to 45 percent compared to fixed systems.

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DEGERenergie is the leading manufacturer with the world's largest product range of single and dual-axis solar tracking systems. The company's market position is based on the unique patented Maximum Light Detection (MLD) technology developed by Artur Deger, which makes it possible to maximize the yield of solar power plants with an "intelligent" control. With the DEGERconecter, the solar modules are always aligned according to the brightest position in the sky with the highest energy yield. This way, the overall energy yield of solar power plants with MLD tracking is up to 45 percent higher than that of fixed systems and this difference is even more pronounced for peaks. With approximately 45,000 systems installed in more than 45 countries, DEGERenergie is the global market and technological leader. The company offers its customers all product related solutions – from the development and planning, production and sales to maintenance and service.

In its headquarters in Horb (Germany), its subsidiaries and supplier companies, DEGERenergie is currently employing a staff of nearly 400. The company was founded in 1999 and in 2001 won the Inventor Award of the German state of Baden-Württemberg for the MLD control module DEGERconecter. In 2005, DEGERenergie opened its first subsidiary in Spain, followed by subsidiaries in the USA and Greece in 2009. Additional business locations are planned for 2011. The company's production sites are located in Germany, Canada and the USA. CEO is Artur Deger.

You can't always rely on the weather. But you can rely on an intelligent control system from DEGERenergie.

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