Andreas König is the New European Sales and Marketing Director at Clenergy

The manager with industry experience is now responsible for growth strategy for Clenergy's PV mounting solution in Europe

Andreas König has been responsible for Clenergy's European business in

the role of Sales and Marketing Director since 1st October 2011. This newly
created position is the result of a consequent strategic decision by Clenergy
- the International PV mounting solution provider and manufacturer as part
of its European market initiative. With this initiative, the company aims to
significantly and sustainably develop Clenergy's market importance in the
European solar technology market.

Andreas König, who is 50 years old, took over the management of Clenergy's
European business in October 2011. Prior to this he had established the
European sales and distribution activities of the PV mounting system
manufacturer Renusol, based in Cologne, Germany, over a period of two years
in the role of Sales Manager.Andreas König boasts over two decades of
experience in the sale and distribution of technical products made by leading
manufacturers, for example digital cameras and construction products.

Clenergy, with its global manufacturing center based in the Chinese city of
Xiamen, is well known all over the world for its high-quality PV mounting
systems and inverters. Five years after being founded and successfully
establishing itself in the Asian, Australian and American markets, the
company has now begun to establish and extend its market position in
Europe. This initiative forms the basis for both the employment of Andreas
König and the objective linked to this new position, namely to successfully
establish Clenergy solutions in Europe by creating and developing a highperformance
sales team. The aim is to continuously add sales staff with
experience in the field of solar power to this team over the next few months.

The Clenergy sales and marketing strategy exclusively focuses on
distributors, wholesale traders and system integrators. In order to ensure its
ability to efficiently provide support and establish cooperations and
partnerships in the European market, Clenergy initially set up two sales
offices and two warehouses in Europe in 2010 and 2011, namely in Germany
and the UK.

"As a developer, manufacturer and marketer of mounting systems and
inverters for grid systems, Clenergy has great potential to achieve success in
the European market. I am delighted to take on and commit to the task of
tapping into this potential and achieving long-term success with the sales and
marketing team that is currently being developed. Our aim is to establish
Clenergy as a provider of convincing high-quality solutions and to become an
important player in the market", states Andreas König, summarising his

About Clenergy
Clenergy, which is based in Xiamen (China) and Melbourne (Australia), develops,
manufactures and sells high-quality mounting systems for commercial and private PV
systems on flat roofs and pitched roofs and in open spaces, inverters with G83 certification
(MCS) and solar controllers for stand-alone facilities. Clenergy was founded in 2006 and is
ISO 9001-2008 accredited. All of its products have been tested by the German Technical
Inspection Association (TÜV) and comply with international standards. Its certified Z-modules
and the fact that it only uses high-quality materials such as anodised aluminium and
stainless steel means that Clenergy represents products with a recognised high level of
quality and safety that are easy to mount and extremely durable. Clenergy's European
headquarters were opened in Germany in 2010, followed by the opening of its own branch in
the UK (Northampton) in October 2011.
Andreas König

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