ONYX Fast-Tracking Manufacture of Plug-N-Play Panels for International Clients

The two solar panel versions being demonstrated are the new model number OSPP330-1 and new model number OSPP330-2.

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo.-- Onyx Service and Solutions Inc (OTCQB:ONYX) disclosed today that private demonstrations of the Company's new "Plug-N-Play" all-in-one solar panels were held in Orlando, Florida on January 5th, 6th and 7th for representatives from Europe, South America and the Middle East.

"Plug-N-Play panels such a game changer in the solar industry is that they are designed for the large "Do-it-Yourself"

The two solar panel versions being demonstrated are the new model number OSPP330-1 and new model number OSPP330-2. The OSPP330-1 consists of a 330-watt panel, an incorporated micro inverter and standard US AC power outlet plug. The OSPP330-2 is identical, with the exception of having a high-capacity lithium battery incorporated into the unit.

The demonstrations encompassed showing the panels in use powering, via direct cord plug in, many household appliances, such as televisions, radios, heaters, well pumps and incandescent lights. After receiving such positive feedback from the demonstrations, Company President Malcolm Burleson made the decision to get a fast-tract run of panels in the client's hands as soon as possible.

"This fast-tract run of panels are expected to be completed by the latter part of next month. We will run them through our quality control procedures and hopefully have those on their way to these prospective clients, who may even become our first distributors, by March 1st. However, we still estimate that the first larger orders for these new panels could not feasibly come out of production until April," stated Burleson. "We are very happy with the initial interest in this new revolutionary Company product and have even been contacted by potential distributors as far away as Tajikistan."

What makes the new "Plug-N-Play panels such a game changer in the solar industry is that they are designed for the large "Do-it-Yourself" market and don't require association with an electrical grid. You can literally point the panel at the sun and plug an extension cord directly into the panel for immediate power – alleviating complicated wiring and typical installation requirements. The new panels are designed to be bought right off of the shelf in a hardware store, attached to any surface with 4 screws and immediately be put into service, powering a computer, fan, light or even a medical device. This new configuration will also help allow remote residences worldwide to have easier access to the power of the sun.

Onyx Service & Solutions, Inc. acquires, develops and markets the most promising and potentially profitable energy projects and technologies possible. The ONYX mission is to manifest cutting edge energy technology, products, manufacturing advances and construction projects to successfully compete in a global energy marketplace, which includes GE (NYSE: GE), JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS), Trina Solar (NYSE: TSL) and First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR).

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