Urban Green Energy announces Fusion, the cleantech solution for telecom applications

New renewable wind and solar solution reduces operating costs for off-grid telecom towers and minimizes environmental footprint

NEW YORK, New York, February 21, 2012 - Urban Green Energy (UGE), continues to expand and specialize its versatile product offering by announcing the launch of Fusion, a hybrid renewable energy solution designed specifically for telecom stations. The new Fusion system significantly lowers the operating costs at off-grid telecom sites and benefits the environment at the same time by reducing telecom tower dependency on diesel generators.

Launched through UGE's specialized division, UGE Telecoms, Fusion is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing off-grid telecom stations, which currently run primarily on diesel generators. The complete Fusion system combines UGE's advanced wind turbines, an array of solar panels, and an advanced control system, into a dependable, low-maintenance system which supplies free energy twenty-four hours a day.

Understanding the need for a dependable and cost-effective solution in the telecoms market, UGE's Fusion is specifically designed to incorporate the same reliability of diesel generators at a fraction of the cost. As David Droz, Solution Manager for Fusion, stated, "By offsetting up to 90% of diesel usage per site,Fusion will allow our customers to significantly lower their operating costs and recoup their investment in as little as two years, while using a more robust and dependable system."

Fusion also incorporates elements from UGE's smart grid applications. This allows simultaneous control of various sources of energy and the ability to monitor and diagnose the system from a central location. Customers will be able to remotely monitor all aspects of their system, including battery charge, diesel consumption, load indicators, and, of course, energy production, through ViewUGE, UGE's proprietary remote monitoring energy system.

The electronic systems supplied with Fusion are designed to allow for longer battery life and reduced use of back-up energy sources. Fusion is also modular, making it easily adaptable to the vast majority of telecoms stations.

UGE's Fusion solution is currently being implemented at three of the world's largest telecoms companies across three continents: Europe, the Americas, and Asia. It is also now powering remote communication towers for a national defense agency. The solution will be on exhibit at Urban Green Energy's booth in The Green Technology Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month.

For more information, please visit www.urbangreenenergy.com or contact Ann Amarga at ann.amarga@urbangreenenergy.com.

About Urban Green Energy
With installations in approximately 60 countries, including with several government agencies and Fortune 100 companies, UGE is changing the face of distributed generation. UGE's goal is to put users in control of their energy source, and achieves this by designing and manufacturing more versatile wind turbines and hybrid wind/solar systems for use in applications ranging from residential to commercial, from suburban US homeowners to off-grid telecoms towers in rural Africa. Visit www.urbangreenenergy.com today to learn how together we can create a greener tomorrow.

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