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UCD Brings Intelligence to Solar Powered LED Drivers

Needham, MA (February, 2012) Today, SolarOne Solutions Inc. announced another new innovation in solar powered lighting control,- the SO-Bright® UCD-Universal Current LED Driver. The UCD is a programmable, constant-current driver, capable of powering LED engines up to 100W. This flexible driver also has outputs to connect up to 6 LED engines in parallel. The driver monitors each string to ensure a safe drive current is delivered to each one. This launch brings a new level ofSolarOne SO-Bright UCD intelligence to the driver component of the lighting system, enabling a growing range of LED luminaries suitable for solar powered applications.

President, Moneer Azzam explained, "In the dynamic markets of solar powered lighting and LEDs, it's clear we need products that allow us to grow, flex and anticipate the needs of the customer. The patent pending UCD is just such a product. Behind the scenes innovations like these are what drive mainstream adoption of what was once a niche product."

In the past, SolarOne's MCD-350-24 has offered a convenient building block for existing branded systems but the appetite for higher output and more applications has created the demand for a single, more versatile driver. The UCD driver replaces up to 12 MCD drivers, reducing the cost, wiring complexity and footprint of the drivers in larger systems. Lower wattage systems are still well served with the MCD-350-24.

But the SO-Bright® UCD accomplishes much more than consolidation. The programmable constant current feature allows the UCD to precisely match the current of a partner's AC powered luminaire. For lighting partners, customers will enjoy consistent performance regardless of the power source. Alternatively, the driver can provide a means to more precisely balance the draw of a system to the optimal battery capacity and solar panel configuration. The driver provides pre-set drive currents, e.g. 350mA and 700mA as well as the ability to fine tune the current in 10mA increments.

It also provides measures to protect the LED engine and optimize reliability. One example is the capability of sensing the removal or failure of a parallel LED engine and automatically responding to protect the remaining LEDs from over-current. Other features include no electrolytic capacitors, short circuit protection and over-voltage protection.

The UCD is optimized to work with SolarOne's SO-Bright® MPT and PWM solar lighting controllers; however it can work with other types of charge controllers as well. Deployment of the UCD in commercial systems will start in the 2nd quarter of 2012.

About SolarOne Solutions Inc.

SolarOneSolutions, Inc. ("SolarOne") is the leader in commercial-scale solar-powered LED lighting systems. The company combines highly efficient LED lamps, with its patented SO-Bright® technology, to provide performance and reliability at levels comparable to commercial grid-connected lighting. With systems operating in a wide range of environmental conditions since 2004, SolarOne established itself as the first to develop and deploy solar powered area lighting systems using white LED technology. Today, SolarOne and its SO-Bright® Technology is the choice of many well established municipalities and institutions including the City of Toronto, City of Los Angeles, and Massachusetts Maritime Academy. SolarOne's systems have been deployed across the United States as well as in international locations including Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Nigeria. SolarOne with its SO-Bright® Technology has also been chosen as the solar lighting partner for several major lighting and shelter companies and has representation across North America and the UAE. The company is venture-backed and based in Needham, Massachusetts. For further information visit

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