Top Wind Industry Expert Joins 3TIER

Matt Hendrickson Brings Over 3,900MW of Wind Energy Development Leadership Experience

SEATTLE (February 15, 2012) – 3TIER®, a global leader in renewable energy risk

analysis, today announced that Matthew Hendrickson has joined the company as its
senior director of energy assessment.

Mr. Hendrickson has managed world-class renewable energy assessment programs since
2003 and is widely considered a top thought leader in the field. Prior to joining 3TIER, he
was director of energy assessment at EDP Renewables, where he managed the energy
assessment program that led to financing and development of more than 3,900MW of
operating wind capacity and a development pipeline of over 20,000MW. He has
extensive experience in meteorological program management, resource assessments,
project micro-siting, prospecting, power performance testing, validation research,
operational assessments and performance reconciliation.

"Matt is one of the most highly regarded experts in the industry, and he brings a wealth of
practical experience that our clients will benefit from immediately," said Dr. Pascal
Storck, 3TIER's chief operating officer. "He has a passion for the systematic reduction of
uncertainty, which aligns perfectly with 3TIER's commitment to helping our clients
reduce and manage risk."

While at EDP Renewables, Mr. Hendrickson worked closely with 3TIER as a client. He
was a driving force behind the development of 3TIER's Portfolio Climate Variability
Analysis, an automated service that statistically corrects long-term weather model data to
on-going observational network data. He also conducted an extensive validation study of
3TIER weather model-derived data and proprietary correction process, called model
output statistics (MOS), documenting significant advantages of it over the traditional
measure correlate predict (MCP) method using classical ground based reference data. His
findings were presented at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Wind
Assessment Workshop in late 2010.

Mr. Hendrickson will be based in Seattle, supporting 3TIER clients' project feasibility
and financial due diligence efforts around the world.

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3TIER helps the global energy market manage renewable energy risk. A pioneer in wind
and solar generation risk analysis, 3TIER uses weather science to frame the risk of
weather-driven variability – anywhere on earth, across all time horizons. With offices
serving North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Latin America, and the
Asia Pacific region, 3TIER has global reach with products and services spanning
renewable energy project feasibility, energy marketing, and asset management. For more
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