Intersolar 2012 - Fronius sets new milestone in the solar market

Quality leader Fronius will be presenting its latest technology milestone at Intersolar 2012. The Fronius Agilo 100.0 central inverter will be firmly in the limelight between June 13th and 15th.

Together with a customised Fronius String Control device and the corresponding service package, Fronius is offering a sophisticated overall concept for industrial or commercial applications. The Fronius Solar Electronics division, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2012, will be unveiling a pilot project involving an energy self-sufficient family home and various other new "House of the future" products on a 512 m2 stand.

Fronius sets new milestone: Fronius Agilo 100.0 central inverter

Fronius will present its new central inverter, the Fronius Agilo, to an international audience at Intersolar 2012. "The Fronius Agilo 100.0 is the first central inverter in this power category that can be completely installed, commissioned and maintained by the installer," is how Martin Hackl, head of the Solar Electronics division of Fronius International GmbH, describes the unique selling point of the inverter.

With an output of 100 kW, the three-phase device is ideal for industrial or commercial photovoltaic systems. Despite its high output, the 850 kg inverter is one of the most compact devices in its class. Unrivalled, integrated heavy-duty transport technologies provide a high degree of flexibility throughout the transport process, from delivery to positioning at the installation location.

The maximum efficiency rating of 97.2% guarantees highest yield levels. The Fronius Agilo is compatible with Fronius DATCOM, the data communication system for PV system monitoring. Pre-production testing has already begun to ensure the stringent quality standards are met.

Constant yield monitoring - Fronius String Control 250/30

The Fronius String Control 250/30 is also new and ensures that strings are monitored around the clock by continuously comparing string currents. Up to 30 strings can be combined in this device on one DC main line.

A special base facilitates outdoor installation. The separate DC supply permits system monitoring at distances of more than 100 m from the string collection (modules) to the inverter. Another advantage is that no special tool is required for installation. The Fronius String Control 250/30 is compatible with the relevant Fronius DATCOM components.

Flexible service package

Fronius is offering a special service package for the Fronius Agilo inverter. "The flexibility of this package sets it clearly apart from all other packages on the market," states Daniel Drescher, who is responsible for the marketing of Fronius services.

From commissioning support, extended warranties and professional, low-cost and prompt maintenance through to guaranteed availability, the package leaves nothing to be desired and is available in various configurations. "Our aim was to make the service as simple as possible for Fronius Service Partners, pack in a lot of features and provide flexibility in its use," explains Drescher, "and we succeeded."

Fronius house of the future

The Fronius house of the future will also be on show at Intersolar in Munich. This pilot project involves an energy self-sufficient family home that will be commissioned shortly. The aim is to guarantee complete self-sufficiency in the supply of electricity and heat.

The Fronius Energy Cell is the heart of the entire system and will be available as a fully autonomous solution with integrated electrolysis in the first half of 2013. A hydrogen tank for the long-term storage of electricity, a battery as short-term storage and a buffer storage unit for hot water and heating back-up complete the concept. Optimum private use of the generated solar electricity and the efficient production and distribution of hot water in the home are thus guaranteed.

The energy management system specially developed for this project has an option for switching the load on and off, and was implemented in collaboration with Fr. Sauter AG (Basle). An additional heat generator (e.g. thermal pump) will be integrated into the system at a later stage. Maintenance and control via smartphones and the web now allow the most important system parameters to be conveniently visualised and set by customers both in the home and while they are away.

We look forward to seeing you on the Fronius stand - C4.240.

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