ESA Renewables Executes Letter of Intent for 24MW Solar Project in Jamaica

Turnkey solar solutions provider builds relationships in Jamaican market, signs LOI for 24MW photovoltaic solar project in Paradise Park

Lake Mary, Fl. (May 2, 2012) - ESA Renewables(ESA), a leading turnkey solar solutions provider, has executed an LOI for a 24MW project located in Paradise Park, Jamaica to provide design and construction services for the project.

Working with Caribbean Energies Group (CEG) and an U.S. Solar Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) provider, ESA has agreed to design, construct, commission, monitor and Description: Image removed by sender.provide operations and maintenance (O&M) services for a 24MW DC project at the proposed premises in Jamaica. ESA will also assist in securing all permits and other legal requirements for the system as well as conduct all required assessments and related studies for the system as needed.
"We are pleased to be an integral part of the design and construction of this new project in Jamaica," Jeffery Burkett, President of ESA Renewables stated. "We are excited to be building relationships and increasing our own work portfolio and experience into another region."

Caribbean Energies Group LLC will be providing the financing, the array site and the materials to complete the 24MW solar power park (SPP).

The solar park is slated to be constructed on approximately 100 acres on the West end of the island in Paradise Park. This system will produce over 33 million kWh's annually which is equivalent to saving over 17 million kg of CO2 annually. The construction on this project is slated to begin in 2012.

"Our fundamental concern was in selecting an EPC contractor that understood the unique challenges of our project. As part of our program management office (PMO) governance selection process, ESA Renewables understands our project charter and scope of work needed in making our project become a viable IPP concern in reaping the benefits of the Caribbean Sun," stated RJ McIntosh, Group Managing Director of the Caribbean Energies Group.

As a bankable Engineer, Procurement and Construction(EPC) and O&M company, ESA sets themselves apart from other EPC and O&M providers in many ways. One particular example is ESA's newly instated Power Production Guarantee Program. This new program guarantees specific monthly energy production for solar energy generating systems under an ESA operation and maintenance (O&M) agreement. ESA will install its proprietary Monitoring System and follow a custom-designed O&M schedule for the solar farm. Should the photovoltaic system fail to meet ESA's annual guaranteed power production levels, ESA will compensate the solar farm owners the difference between guaranteed and actual energy generated.

"Our new Power Production Guarantee Program enables us to unequivocally assure asset managers we will generate maximum energy from the solar power plant," added Jeffery Burkett.

About ESA Renewables, LLC
ESA Renewables has positioned itself as a leader in the industry providing turnkey solar PV systems worldwide. ESA owns and operates a diverse portfolio of more than 500 solar PV power generating facilities located in the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain and Italy. ESA's scope of services includes financing, engineering, construction, testing, monitoring, and operation and maintenance. With headquarters in Castellon, Spain, ESA has additional offices in Florida, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Canada, Chile, South Africa, and Italy. For more information about ESA Renewables, LLC, please visit or call 407-268-6455.

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