British Electric Vehicle and Automotive Know-How Showcased in North America

UK's electric vehicle leaders build business, government and academic collaboration


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LOS ANGELES (May 7, 2012) – The United Kingdom's deep history and expertise in the automotive and electric vehicle industry is highlighted this week through the presence of a delegation of British businesses and organizations at the 26th International Electric Vehicle Symposium, the world's largest annual meeting dedicated to electric vehicles.

The British companies – including a delegation of 19 organizations hosted by the UK's Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, and UK Trade & Investment – illustrate the country's extensive know-how in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, ranging from EV battery and charging solutions to cutting-edge fuel and engine innovations.

"The UK is at the forefront of electric vehicle and hybrid technologies, driven by strong collaboration between government, industry and academia," said Michael Rosenfeld, UK Trade & Investment, Vice Consul – US Clean Technology Sector. "As cities, nations and consumers around the world seek to implement cleaner, more efficient transportation solutions there is a strong recognition that the UK electric vehicle industry is an important partner in providing new technologies and approaches."

Great Britain – which produces nearly 1.5 million cars and commercial vehicles and 3 million engines – is an important player in the North America automotive sector as well as globally. A number of the UK's automotive and EV leaders – including Lotus Engineering and Ricardo – will be at EVS26 showcasing groundbreaking technologies and discussing areas for UK-US collaboration.

"The UK's long history in the automotive sector, paired with its leadership in EV technologies, is a valuable supplement to the adoption of new transportation solutions in the United States and globally," said David Croxson, head of international at the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), which represents more than 550 companies in the UK's dynamic and diverse automotive industry.

During EVS26, Croxson will lead a discussion about the connectivity between UK government, industry and academia and how that encourages investment and accelerates research, development and adoption of electric vehicle technologies and solutions. More than $2 billion is spent on automotive R&D annually in the UK and more than $240 billion will be invested in low and ultra-low carbon vehicle technologies during the next 20 years.

Global auto manufacturers are recognizing Britain's EV ambitions; Nissan, for example, chose northeast England to build the electric LEAF and establish a new manufacturing factory for batteries.

"The British government views electric vehicles not only as a core facet of the nation's transition to a low-carbon economy, but also a key factor in meeting UK carbon emissions reduction targets," said Rosenfeld of UK Trade & Investment. He noted that government incentives have been enacted for electric passenger cars, including a plug-in car' grant for consumers, and that London Mayor Boris Johnson has stated the city's objectives to become the the electric car capital of Europe'.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders and UK Trade & Investment – alongside the 19 UK delegates – are located at pavilion #1037 at the Los Angeles Convention Center during EVS26. For more information contact Michael Rosenfeld, UK Trade & Investment, Vice Consul – USA Clean Technology Sector at 310 871-8169 or

UK Trade & Investment will also be interacting from EVS26 through its Twitter account @UKTI_cleantech.


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About the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders

The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders Ltd (SMMT) is the trade association for the UK motor industry. SMMT represents more than 550 UK automotive organizations from volume vehicle manufacturers through the supply chain down to small component suppliers as well as R&D centers. SMMT's resources, reputation and unrivalled automotive data place it at the heart of the UK automotive industry. UK automotive accounts for more than 10% of total exports and invests £1.3 billion each year in automotive R&D and is home to over 40 global volume manufacturers supplying over 100 markets worldwide.

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