MAGE SOLAR modules power nation's largest historic revitalization PV-project

1.05 MW project also largest solar PV-installation in Louisiana; Historic buildings and entire neighborhoods converted to solar

Dublin (Georgia), May 15, 2012. – MAGE SOLAR, part of the globally operating MAGE GROUP, announced today that its premium high-efficiency modules are part of an ambitious historic redevelopment project in Louisiana.

Over 3300 MAGE POWERTEC PLUS US-modules supply 1.4 GWh of clean, reliable energy per year to six housing projects that were part of the revitalization plan. Among the converted buildings are the iconic American Can and Blue Plate buildings in New Orleans, the latter being on the National Register of Historic Places. Other segments include the city's River Garden Apartments and the Bonne Terre Apartments in Houma with a combined 564kW of solar energy spread out over 69 individual rooftop applications and 26 parking canopies.

The project was designed, engineered and executed by Pontchartrain Mechanical of New Orleans, one of the largest mechanical contractors in the Gulf coast region and leading provider of environmental systems. MAGE SOLAR has been working closely with PMC's chief system designer and solar department manager Micah Galy to develop optimal solutions for each of the individual installations included in the project: 2,000 black MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules were chosen to provide a sensible, integrated solution on the historical building portion of the project, and sophisticated power optimizers are installed to avoid power losses due to shading from trees, light poles or buildings.

The project's developer, HRI Properties, has been pioneering innovative methods for building neighborhoods and creating entire communities. MAGE SOLAR's maximum-efficiency modules with their industry leading 30-year power output guarantee have been integrated into the project by HRI as a vital part of the company's sustainability mission and long-term energy cost projection.

"We congratulate both HRI Properties and Pontchartrain Mechanical to this remarkable accomplishment," said Joe Thomas, CEO and President of MAGE SOLAR USA. "To see the vision of both partners to create sustainable, vibrant metro communities executed so perfectly and with such craftsmanship will attract not only many happy residents but also inspire others to follow their pioneering example. Additionally, the system owner and tenants can enjoy on the financial benefits of low operating and utility costs our highly efficient modules are producing for the next three decades."

"We were privileged to work in partnership with HRI to carve out this megawatt of solar systems within its portfolio of properties. It has been an amazing introduction into what can happen when innovative, talented people have a vision and will not stop until the vision becomes reality. MAGE was very supportive in the process and helped us meet a very tight construction schedule," commented Chuck Sardi, CEO and owner of Pontchartrain Mechanical Company. "We look forward to the next challenge as we continue to grow green."

Funding for the project was made possible through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the EmPower Louisiana initiative administered by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. Net metering arrangements have been made with the local electric utilities.

"Clean energy helps us fulfill the sustainability' part of our mission, which is to revitalize cities by creating diverse, vibrant and sustainable communities. The need for clean energy will only dramatically grow in the future," said HRI co-chairman and co-founder Pres Kabacoff.

Caption 1: The River Garden neighborhood redevelopment consists of 69 individual rooftop applications and 20 parking canopies adding up to 417 kW powered by MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules. © HRI Properties.

Caption 2: The historic Blue Plate mayonnaise factory has been converted into energy-efficient apartments for artists. Powered by a 63kW system with MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules the tenants are enjoying reduced utility costs. © MAGE SOLAR

Caption 3: The parking canopy at the former American Can factory gives residents of the apartment complex shade and shelter for their vehicles. Energy loss due to shading is minimized for the MAGE SOLAR modules through the use of smart power optimizers. © MAGE SOLAR

MAGE SOLAR – The Sun on Your Side
MAGE SOLAR USA, headquartered in Dublin, Georgia, specializes in complete solar systems and provides high-quality photovoltaic modules, intelligent mounting systems and high-performance brand inverters. As a subsidiary of the international MAGE GROUP, it uses the Group's 40 years of know-how to develop optimally coordinated system solutions. A competent partner network guarantees profitable solar energy systems for customers throughout the Americas and in fourteen more countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Pontchartrain Mechanical Co.
Pontchartrain Mechanical Co. is a full service mechanical and solar contractor established in 1972 with its main office in Metairie, LA, just outside of New Orleans. Pontchartrain employs 150 people and specializes in design/build construction, including apartments, commercial, high rise office and residential projects, as well as solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, with full engineering services in-house.

About HRI Properties
Based in New Orleans, HRI Properties (HRI) is a full-service real estate development company and a national leader in the adaptive reuse of historic structures. HRI's mission is revitalizing cities by creating diverse, vibrant, sustainable communities. Since its founding in 1982, HRI has completed 54 large-scale projects, which total 4,635 apartment and condominium units, 3,487 hotel rooms, and over 1.17 million square feet of retail and office space with a total development cost of more than $1.6 billion. For more information, go to

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