Beaumont Solar Announces Cycling Team To Connect Green Communities in Supporting Local Charities

Beaumont Solar Company launches a unique Solar Cycling sponsorship, which will donate $25,000 to riders in local charity cycling events in 2012. Beaumont Solar is the only solar company with such an initiative to connect green communities, green sports and local charities.

New Bedford, MA – Beaumont Solar Company, a leading solar engineering,

procurement and construction company (EPC) in New England, is exemplifying its
commitment to green communities and charities. They have launched Beaumont Solar
Cycling, a sponsorship program that will donate $25,000 to riders in charity cycling
events during 2012.

"We began the program informally last year," said Beaumont Solar Company CEO Phil
Cavallo, an award-winning cyclist in the U.S. and Europe since 1975. "Members of the
Beaumont team rode a 76-mile course from Westport to Woods Hole, Massachusetts in
2011. The annual event benefitted the Coalition for Buzzards Bay and we'll ride again
this year."

According to Mark Rasmussen, director of Coalition for Buzzards Bay, "It is noteworthy
that Beaumont Solar Company is connecting our green community with their efforts to
support the Bay through this common ground of cycling. We created the Buzzards Bay
Watershed Ride as a way to celebrate the Bay landscape from its coastal farms and
cranberry bogs to the winding roads of Cape Cod. Our course also physically connects
all of the towns that together make up our Bay community."

This year the Beaumont program has been formalized and Beaumont Solar Cycling
team members will be training and riding in the company's new team kit, which includes
cycling jersey, bibshorts, and optional wind vest and arm warmers, all displaying the
Beaumont Solar team logo.

"Any rider who wants to participate in at least two charitable cycling events with the
Beaumont sponsorship will purchase a team kit and receive a financial sponsorship of
up to $500 per ride to donate to their cycling event charity," explained Cavallo. "This is a
positive experience for all with Beaumont raising awareness for its solar brand, and
connecting green athletes and communities to support important charities throughout the

In the key event for 2012, Beaumont Solar Cycling has committed a team of seven riders
to the world-renowned Triple Bypass, taking place in the Colorado Rockies on July 14th.
The 120-mile ascent of three 10,000-plus-foot mountain passes attracts riders from
around the nation and has distributed donations in excess of $900,000 to dozens of
community and charitable organizations.

"The Triple Bypass provides an opportunity to expose thousands of people every year to
the many benefits of cycling," said Victoria Klinger, president of Team Evergreen, the
organizers of the race. "We've shown that cycling can be a powerful tool in advocacy
and fundraising for a variety of causes. With this year's effort, Team Evergreen will have
distributed more than one million dollars to local non-profits including those in land
preservation, trail advocacy and groups that ensure our ability to make good choices in
transportation options. It's great to see groups like Beaumont Solar make the trip from
Massachusetts to Colorado to participate in the event and support our cause."

According to Cavallo, "Our current team roster includes members from Massachusetts,
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, California and Oregon, and in this sense
Beaumont Solar Cycling very quickly has a national footprint. We are really looking
forward to the Triple Bypass and connecting with new riders. It's easy for a solar
company to say they are green and think they are part of a fad, but we at Beaumont
Solar are committed to real green initiatives. We want to give back to the community and
be a part of a healthy sport that is appropriate for all ages. If we can get more people on
their bikes and use this as a conduit to support local charities then we will have achieved
our goal."

For more information on Beaumont Solar Cycling, contact Marlene Arruda at or call 508-990-1701, Ext. 201.

About Beaumont Solar Company
As one of the largest commercial solar engineering, procurement and construction
companies (EPCs) based in Massachusetts, Beaumont Solar specializes in landfills,
ground arrays, large commercial rooftops and carports throughout New England.
Beaumont is vertically integrated with in-house design, engineering and system
implementation capabilities within one company. Beaumont Solar projects have resulted
in a variety of businesses reaching Net Zero electrical energy, saving millions of dollars
in energy and significantly reducing carbon emissions throughout the region.

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