Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley to Adopt Solar Power

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley (BGCSV) announced they will be adopting solar power at the Smythe Clubhouse in East San Jose. The solar project was made possible through BGCSV's solar partner, Solar Advisory Group (SAG).

Solar Advisory Group Develops Solar Project to Highlight Energy Fair

San Jose, May 14, 2012, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley (BGCSV) announced they will be adopting solar power at the Smythe Clubhouse in East San Jose, in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, electricity costs and continue its environmental stewardship in the community. The solar project was made possible through BGCSV's solar partner, Solar Advisory Group (SAG).

BGCSV will be hosting an Energy Fair on Saturday, May 19th, to raise awareness, knowledge, and ultimately adoption of energy efficiency and conservation practices in the community surrounding the Smythe Clubhouse. The decision and timing to adopt solar power displays the importance of adopting renewable practices and instilling a sustainable mentality in our youth.

Partnering with the Silicon Valley Energy Watch and funded by the Community Energy Champions Innovator Pilot grant program, BGCSV will be bringing the Energy Fair to an anticipated 500+ attendees. "We are so excited to bring solar to the East San Jose community at the Smythe Clubhouse. Not only will this enable us to reduce our energy bills, but be a champion in the neighborhood for energy efficiency," said Dana Fraticelli, BGCSV Chief Executive Officer.

In the midst of planning the fair, BGCSV relied on its solar partner, SAG, to make the solar project come to life. A commercial solar developer located in Silicon Valley, SAG utilized its relationships within the solar and finance industries to provide BGCSV an opportunity to integrate solar, without coming out of pocket for any capital expenses and reducing BGCSV's electricity bill immediately.

Shiraz Madan, the CEO of Solar Advisory Group shared his thoughts; "Working with the Boys & Girls Clubs allows us to partner with an organization who believes in bettering the community and developing its youth. Solar power delivers on both of those objectives and the Energy Fair is a great vehicle to communicate that message. Solar is not just for utility scale or large commercial application. Its benefits should be shared with the masses. We are very appreciative to be a part of such a wonderful cause and happy that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley will have this solar system to take pride in, for years to come."

A commencement ceremony will be held the morning of Saturday, May 19th at 10:45AM and construction of the solar system is scheduled to begin in June.

About Solar Advisory Group

Solar Advisory Group (SAG) serves as a nationwide solar developer, providing expertise in non-profit, commercial, industrial and utility scale solar energy implementation.

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About Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley
The mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley (BGCSV) is to inspire and empower all young people, especially those who need us most, to achieve their full potential as productive, responsible and caring adults. BGCSV has been at the forefront of youth development in Santa Clara County for over six decades, providing quality after school and summer programs for youth in predominantly low income, underserved communities. Club programs are based on a youth development strategy that builds self-confidence and self-esteem, and fosters a sense of belonging, competence, usefulness and influence. For more information, visit:


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