Dynapar Showcasing HD35R Optical Encoder at Windpower Conference 2012

Dynapar's Premier Wind Turbine Generator Encoder on Display at IPS TRICO, Booth #7909

Dynapar, in partnership with IPS TRICO, will be exhibiting at this year's AWEA show in Atlanta, Georgia, June 3-6, Booth #7909. Dynapar will proudly feature its line of wind energy specific encoders, such as the HD35R, W56 and AI25W, which are known for reliability, durability, and keeping the wind industry from going up-tower unnecessarily.

From wind power plants to large commercial wind turbines to small residential wind generators, wind has become a popular alternative energy commodity and industry to harness, control and measure.

Dynapar industrial and heavy-duty encoders are perfect for this industry and can be customized for specific projects. Designed to meet the manufacturing and maintenance requirements of the wind energy industry, Dynapar encoders are a trusted component in wind generators and commercial wind turbines. They measure air movement or speed, as well as the rate at which a generator's fan blades are spinning to ensure optimum machine performance and energy output and usage.

The HD35R heavy duty optical encoder is designed for wind turbine generator feedback. The HD35R features:
IP67 Enclosure Rating
Advanced optical ASIC technology and encapsulation technologies that ensure long term resistance to dust, water, heat, mechanical shock and vibration
Unbreakable code disc
Up to 5000 PPR.

Dynapar's W56 and AI25W are designed for wind turbine pitch control.

The W56 features:
Reliable performance from -40 to 130C
Bearingless design for maximum life in the toughest PCU applications
Redesigned pulse wheel for crisp signal quality and reduced thermal expansion

The AI25W features:
Up to 17 Bit True Singleturn Positioning
Onboard Diagnostics with SSI Interface

The Windpower Exhibition and Conference is a great platform for networking and learning within the wind industry. Wind professionals gather at this show to build their business and problem solve. This event allows Dynapar to present their wind power line of encoders to a rapidly growing industry that is changing the way our world harnesses energy.

Visit Dynapar at the 2012 Windpower Exhibition and Conference, IPS TRICO's booth, #7909, to learn more about their line of wind power rotary encoders for pitch and generator feedback.

For more information on Dynapar's wind power industry product offerings, visit their website at www.dynapar.com.

About Dynapar
Dynapar is the recognized leader in rotary encoder products, as well as brushless and frameless resolvers, for motion feedback control. Dynapar delivers the most comprehensive rotary encoder selection, which includes incremental encoders and absolute encoders available with optical and magnetic encoder engines...all expertly engineered with you in mind. Whether you have a heavy-, industrial-, servo- or light-duty application on your hands, the family of trusted Dynapar rotary encoder and resolver brands can meet your specifications. Dynapar was founded in Gurnee, Illinois in 1955 and has been expanded through the acquisitions to include Dynapar™ Hengstler™, NorthStar™, Harowe™, and Encoder Technology brand product lines.

Pioneering the first true vector-duty hollow-shaft encoder launched Dynapar's strong presence in several industries, including steel, paper, elevator, oil and gas, wind energy, medical, material handling, and industrial servo manufacturing. From small kit encoders to large mill-duty tachometers, Dynapar has the industry covered.

Dynapar customers rely on expertise and support provided from the U.S. sales and manufacturing location in Gurnee, Illinois: Phone +1 800.873.8731 or +1 847.662.2666; FAX +1 847.662.6633; Website: www.dynapar.com. In addition, Dynapar supports global customers with local sales and production locations in Germany, Japan, China, and Brazil.

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