Rodman & Rodman CPAs Outline Proposed Changes in Biomass Efficiency Rates for REC Qualification

Rodman & Rodman, P.C. an independent accounting firm specializing in renewable energy projects with offices in Braintree and Newton, MA, outlines the proposed changes in biomass efficiency rates for Renewable Energy Credits qualification.

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) recently sent a finalized proposal of changes to the standards for biomass efficiency in the state. Rodman & Rodman outlines the proposed changes in biomass efficiency rates for REC qualification.

The original proposal called for a reduction in Renewable Energy Credits to be awarded by half for systems that were operating between 40 percent and 60 percent efficiency. The finalized proposal calls for a half credit to be awarded for systems operating between 50 percent and 60 percent efficiency. Systems operating below 50 percent would not qualify for the credit.

According to Steve Rodman, CPA, MST, President of Rodman & Rodman, "Biomass systems have been highly discussed since their initial use as to whether or not they are actually renewable'. Some argue that the carbon released when burning woody materials in the system is the same as the carbon released when burning coal or other fossil fuels. Others argue that the carbon is being recaptured by the existing forests, and that the trees that are burned are replaced much faster than sources of coal and fossil fuels, making them a renewable source."

He continued, "This is a major statement by the MA DOER. By requiring biomass systems to operate at 60 percent efficiency in order to qualify for the full credit, the DOER is establishing the need for these systems to be able to operate at a level that will hopefully reduce the amount of carbon that is re-released back into the atmosphere."

Rodman stated that it would be a challenge for biomass projects that are getting started. They will need to get to at least 50 percent efficiency right away in order to see any credits. This will require biomass projects to take more time in the design and testing stages to ensure they comply with the efficiency requirements before going live.

The MA DOER is taking comments on this finalized proposal until mid-June, so there is a chance that these regulations may still be subject to change until they are fully enacted.

For more information, contact the Green Team, which is a specialized green energy and clean technology accounting and tax services practice within Rodman & Rodman at (617) 965-5959.

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