BigBelly Solar Extends Its Smart Grid for Waste & Recycling TM to Mobile Devices

Collection staff and management can now access data from smartphones and tablets, bringing real-time data about their waste & recycling locations into the field for greater operational efficiency

NEWTON, Mass.--BigBelly Solar today announced the launch of CLEAN Mobile for Android and iOS. The CLEAN Management Console lets municipalities, educational institutions and other facilities significantly reduce the time and resources spent on waste and recycling collection by providing unique information regarding the fullness status of every waste & recycling station. Combined with the additional capacity provided by BigBelly Solar Compactors, these organizations can slash their collection frequency; saving fuel, freeing up labor for other tasks and reducing their carbon footprint.

"As we deploy BigBelly stations in our city, we not only gain the extra capacity of having compactors right on the street, but now we can see which ones we need to collect."

"Extending the power of the BigBelly system to mobile devices was a natural next step for our solution," said Jim Poss, President & Founder of BigBelly Solar. "Since many users of our system are not sitting at a desk all day, giving our customers the ability to access this invaluable information wherever and whenever they need it will allow them to be even more efficient."

With these new mobile applications, BigBelly Solar customers can now see which stations need to be collected – and more importantly, which ones do not need to be – by visiting the CLEAN web site, via scheduled emails or using their apps. As organizations are increasingly relying on mobile technology, the CLEAN Mobile apps are a perfect fit for managing tasks on the go.

"Giving our collection personnel the ability to see which locations they need to service right from their vehicles is a huge time saver," Victoria O. Johnson, Solid Waste Services Director of the City of Charlotte, which will be introducing the BigBelly system in June. "As we deploy BigBelly stations in our city, we not only gain the extra capacity of having compactors right on the street, but now we can see which ones we need to collect."

BigBelly Solar offers a range of waste and recycling stations that use solar energy to communicate their fullness status and collection history via wireless data communication while also providing on-site compaction to get up to five times the capacity of traditional bins in the same footprint. The CLEAN Mobile application is available now for customers on Google Play and in the iTunes App Store.

About BigBelly Solar

Recognized as a C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group best practice, BigBelly Solar is a leading global provider of innovative and sustainable solutions for the management of waste & recycling, with more than 1,000 customers in virtually every U.S. state and 30 countries. The BigBelly Solar intelligent waste & recycling collection system enables municipalities, colleges & universities, government facilities and other institutional customers to reduce the operating costs associated with collection by 80 percent. For more information, visit

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