Over 2,000 companies around the world are part of PROINSO's Network of Qualified Installers

A total 2,082 companies from all over the world have joined PROINSO's Qualified Installers Programme, whose International Network has the highest number of members for a network of its kind.

A total 2,082 companies from all over the world have joined PROINSO's Qualified Installers Programme, whose International Network has the highest number of members for a network of its kind. The member companies are based in 52 countries in all five continents. PROINSO is a multinational company specialising in the supply of modules, inverters, solar trackers, fixed structures and other PV solar products for ground- or roof-mounted systems.

The goal of the International Network, established back in 2010, is to strengthen bonds with installers, who get commercial and technical support for their business as well as supplies and logistics services when they purchase PV solar products. Qualified installers are companies that have experience in the solar industry and teams of engineers and installers capable of designing and carrying out solar projects to great results.

Currently, the company has distribution agreements with TRINA SOLAR, CANADIAN SOLAR, SCHOTT, JINKO Solar, YINGLI Solar and LDK Solar for modules, and with SMA and INGETEAM for inverters. In addition, PROINSO is a distributor of trackers and fixed structures from MECASOLAR. The company has delivered a total 1,115 MW around the world, a record high that turns it into one of the world's leading companies in the sector, and the International Network of Qualified Installers has played a key role in this achievement.

Therefore, at PROINSO they consider the evolution of the International Network of Qualified Installers as very positive. Since it was launched back in 2010, the Programme has grown exponentially, in terms of both the number of members and the services offered to installers,' company sources said.

With regard to the number of members in the Network, the leading countries are Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, Greece, France, Great Britain, India, Portugal and Australia. Also, the Network has members in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, Slovakia, Slovenia, Guyana, Hong Kong, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Montenegro, Nigeria, Norway, Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Installers are announced at the PROINSO website (http://www.proinso.net/_bin/red.php ), which offers information about them on a map and shows their most important developments, including pictures.

PROINSO offers comprehensive support to its 2,082 Qualified Installers around the world. The company offers: financial support, online promotion and technical resources, technical assistance, and marketing and technical tools. Training is one of the added values PROINSO's Qualified Installers can benefit from.

Additional services for Qualified Installers


PROINSO's innovative international training programme is outstanding: PROINSO SOLAR Training School. The programme relies on cooperation agreements with leading training centres that have run PV solar courses for years in Italy (ICIM), England (EcoSkies), Greece (OIKONOMOTEXNIKH), France (Lyce Eugne MONTEL), Canada (Canadian Solar Institute, CSI), USA (Solar Energy International, SEI) and Spain (CEFOIM).

PROINSO collaborates with them on the design of comprehensive course and contents for PV solar installers and provides specialised technical materials. All training centres PROINSO works with deliver official courses complying with national regulations in their countries. In addition, the PROINSO Solar Training School organises seminars and workshops together with leading manufacturers in different countries.

SIGMA SOLAR: Creation of fully personalised catalogues by Installers

In addition, PROINSO offers SIGMA SOLAR, an online tool for Qualified Installers to create personalised catalogues using manufacturers' datasheets. This way, Qualified Installers can use the catalogues of the manufacturers whose products are supplied by PROINSO to create their own PDF documents, including pictures of their installations, logos and customer logos. These documents can then be added as part of installers' own portfolios and changed as many times as necessary.

PROINSO PLUS: Rewards loyalty scheme for Installers

The pioneer loyalty programme launched in Italy, PROINSO PLUS, is another service provided by PROINSO to its International Network of Qualified Installers. The company is planning to implement this programme in other European countries and USA in 2013. With this incentive programme, Qualified Installers earn points with every invoice. Points can be then redeemed for leading brand gifts.

PROINSO STORE: Online orders for Installers only

In addition to all this, a few months ago, the company launched PROINSO STORE, an online shop selling PV solar products from leading brands in USA, Spain, France, Greece, Germany and Italy for now. Only Installers can buy products in this B2B online store, which means end users can only make purchases through an installer.

The companies in the International Network of Qualified Installers and firms in the countries mentioned above can visit http://store.proinso.net and view the wide array of modules, inverters and other products from different manufacturers for sale. Unlike other online stores, PROINSO's does not require customers to enter personal or corporate information to access the page. This is a fast way to manage online orders. PROINSO STORE is being updated all the time to show the latest arrivals and current market prices.//

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