SoloPower Introduces Next Generation of Solar Solutions at Intersolar in Munich: Powerful, Flexible Panels with Easy Installation Systems

SoloPower seeks to make solar the main source of power for world's commercial and industrial buildings, which consume 40% of electricity

Munich, Germany and San Jose, CA – June 13, 2012 – SoloPower, a San Jose, California-based manufacturer of high efficiency, lightweight, and flexible thin-film solar cells and modules, introduced today at Intersolar in Munich, Germany, one of the largest solar industry exhibitions in the world, its next generation of integrated solar solutions. SoloPower's solutions include six models of photovoltaic panels and three first-of-their-kind, easy, non-penetrating installation kits: the SoloSaddle, SoloWedge, and the SoloBridge, which increase application versatility while optimizing module performance for commercial and industrial rooftops worldwide.

"At SoloPower, we approach the market based on the needs of our customers, with solutions that are rapidly deployable on old and new roofs as well as adaptable to site-specific conditions," said Bruce Khouri, President and Chief Commercial Officer, SoloPower. "The combination of our next generation SoloPanels with our installation kits enables us to expand the solar rooftop market, making solar energy easy and economical for just about any roof type, anywhere."

SoloPower's new suite of solar solutions includes the following SoloPanels and installation systems that enable the modules to perform optimally and to be integrated into a variety of roof systems across geographies:

SoloPanel® SF1 and SP1, optimized for twelve-inch and sixteen-inch standing-seam metal roof integration.

SoloPanel® SP3L and SP3S, large format modules optimized for commercial and industrial low-slope building applications.

SoloSaddle, a non-penetrating kit designed to easily integrate the SP3S into membrane based roofing systems. A low-slope curve provides self-cleaning and high performance in hot climates.

SoloWedge, a non-penetrating kit designed to easily integrate the SP3L into membrane based roofing systems. A five-degree slope provides self-cleaning and maximum performance in cold climates.

SoloBridge, a non-penetrating kit designed to easily integrate the SP3L into metal roofing systems.

The introduction of SoloPower's next generation of solar solutions comes at a time when the company is hiring for its state-of-the-art, high-volume manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon, which will begin commercial production later this year. SoloPower's operations in Portland are ultimately expected to have a capacity of 400MW and employ 450 people.

"SoloPower is building our new manufacturing facility in Oregon because of the visionary leadership and support of the State of Oregon, the Oregon Department of Energy, and the City of Portland," said Tim Harris, Chief Executive Officer, SoloPower. "Portland's highly skilled work force has enabled us to draw on very strong local talent as we create jobs and promote smart job-growth in the energy sector."

SoloPower's proprietary approach embodies critical technology, manufacturing, and cost advantages that enable large-scale "fab-style" production of high-efficiency CIGS-based photovoltaic cells. The CIGS cells are then packaged into unique, flexible, lightweight solar modules that require less balance-of-system hardware and are easier to install than traditional solar panels.

SoloPower's cells and modules are continually subjected to rigorous environmental and accelerated life cycle testing beyond the industry standards and are designed for superior performance under all light conditions. Modules also have low profile bypass diodes that allow for maximum performance under shade conditions. The company's latest solutions advance the possibilities of solar power integration, with proven technology that overcomes the product weaknesses of other thin-film solar modules and offers true flexibility for an impressive range of applications.

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About SoloPower

Headquartered in San Jose, California, SoloPower Inc. uses innovative, proprietary roll-to-roll electrodeposition manufacturing technology to produce low-cost, lightweight and flexible high efficiency copper, indium, gallium and (di)selenide ("CIGS") based photovoltaic cells. The CIGS cells are then packaged into unique, flexible, lightweight solar modules. The modules require less balance-of-system hardware and are easier to install than traditional solar panels. SoloPower modules are certified to both UL and IEC standards. The company is in the process of constructing its manufacturing headquarters and first high-volume manufacturing lines in Portland, Oregon. Lead investors in the company include Hudson Clean Energy Partners, Crosslink Capital, Convexa, and Firsthand. For more information on SoloPower, please visit

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