Flip-the-Switch Ceremony honors Orange County's "green" initiative to save $4 -6 Million

ORANGE, CA - (June 28, 2012) - The Orange County Sherriff's Department's

Peace Officer Training Facility was the host site for today's
flip-the-switch celebration for a solar power system that is being installed
at five County of Orange facilities. Civic officials and business leaders
were on-hand to commend County officials and to congratulate them on the
completion of this green initiative.

Through a public-private partnership with the County of Orange, PsomasFMG is
providing a turnkey solar solution, set to reduce the County's consumption
of traditional electricity. The company arranged for project financing free
of upfront costs to the County, and is managing the installation of the 3.3
megawatt project. The solar system features photovoltaic (PV) panels
mounted atop carport structures, as well as ground mounted structures at
some sites. Construction is nearly complete and all systems are scheduled
to be fully operational in October.

"Nearly every public agency in California is challenged in multiple ways to
help clean up the environment and achieve savings on our costs of
operation," said Orange County Supervisor Bill Campbell. "To do both at the
same time requires thinking outside of the box and a public-private
partnership focused on the County's multiple missions. In our case
PsomasFMG has provided the partnership which will serve the County of Orange
well into the future with a model that can be built upon for the benefit of
our posterity."

"Developing solar energy projects for a government agency such as ours can
be a difficult and complicated process, but PsomasFMG has assisted us every
step of the way," said Thomas G. Mauk, County Executive Officer for the
County of Orange. "We are confident that PsomasFMG's expertise, track record
and integrity will lead to a successful project, making our county greener
and bringing taxpayers significant savings on our energy costs."

The solar power installations are engineered to produce renewable
electricity for the County along with other benefits. The solar
installations will provide between 60-80% of each site's electrical needs,
with Southern California Edison supplementing the County's remaining energy
requirements. The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) will lock in stable energy
costs and help to reduce the County's overall electricity expenditures. Over
the 20-year term of a PPA, the installations are expected to save the County
$4-6 million in avoided electricity costs. Additionally, the project will
reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide shaded parking forCounty staff
and visitors.

"For PsomasFMG, the County of Orange Pilot Project has been a labor of
love," says Louis Kwiker, Chairman & CEO of PsomasFMG. "At every turn we
have focused on delivering the best possible project, delivering energy to
the County at the best possible price. Together with our County partners we
have removed all obstacles to success and today we celebrate not only a
successful project but a successful partnership."

The solar project features an installation of 13,480 PV panels that are
mounted atop steel-frame canopies and provide shaded parking for over 600
vehicles. County sites that will be generating solar power include the
James A. Musick Facility, the County Operations Center, the Social Services
Agency & Sheriff's Communication facilities on Eckhoff St, the Katella Peace
Officer Training Facility, and the Collins Yard.

For further information about this project, please contact James Campbell,
Manager of OC Land Development and RenewableEnergy Initiatives, at

About PsomasFMG
Based in Huntington Beach, CA, PsomasFMG provides solar systems to its
clients by utilizing a combination of engineering know-how, private investor
financing, and federal and state subsidies. The company has recently been
recognized by the California Environmental Protection Agency for its green
initiatives. For more information about PsomasFMG, go to or call (714) 408-2982.

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