HELIOS 3D Solar Design Software Gets Electrified

Helios 3D software, distributed by Schletter Inc. in North and South America, now available with an Electric Extension to assist developers with electrical design of PV power plants

Schletter©, a worldwide leader in photovoltaic mounting systems and exclusive North and South American distributor of HELIOS 3D, a propriety photovoltaic (PV) system planning and design software package, will preview the upcoming HELIOS 3D Electronic Extension, designed to simplify electrical planning on PV systems, at the Intersol 2012 North America exhibition in booth number 9226.

The Electric Extension will assist PV developers in handling nearly all aspects of electric design. The new software extension allows for intuitive workflow and user interface while processing complex tasks. The user creates device hierarchies (e.g. grid connection -> transformer -> central inverter -> combiner box -> String), specifies them with real devices and makes the string definitions. Users can create trench structures, connect each to device areas, and assign them to the fields. The software (HELIOS 3D) then assigns the string definitions to selections sets to allow for individual configurations. In addition, the software then automatically places the combiner boxes with complete wiring schematics and appropriate cable lengths. To complete the actions, information is then exported for easy import to other programs.

HELIOS 3D is one of the most advanced and production proven programs for utility scale PV layout on the market and is used by most of the leading PV developers worldwide. Designed for planning large utility-scale, ground and roof mounted solar PV systems, HELIOS 3D uses a CAD based program which incorporates USGS, and surveyor data file reports to provide accurate terrain analysis. Shadow-free mounting system placement, shadow object placement, and row numbering are just a few of the design tools featured in Helios 3D. Alternative and enhanced variations to the layouts can be accomplished within minutes while project times are cut down from days to hours.

About Schletter Inc.
Schletter (www.schletter.us) has designed, developed, and manufactured solar mounting products in the U.S. since 2008, while backed with more than 19-years of solar mounting experience from Schletter GmbH. Since opening its United States facility in Tucson, Arizona Schletter Inc. has manufactured more than 800 MW of installed PV mounting systems. Schletter Inc. offers products for roof mount and ground mount systems for residential, commercial, and utility scale photovoltaic systems. Schletter Inc. is an independent subsidiary of Schletter GmbH, which operates subsidiaries in eleven countries with more than 1,800 employees worldwide. For more information on Schletter GmbH, please visit www.schletter.de.

STHR + SAUER is a German based CAD system house with over 20 years of experience in the development of vertical CAD applications. With HELIOS 3D, the company developed a cutting edge program that nearly establishes as a standard for fast and secure planning of solar parks. Please visit www.helios3d.com.

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