Sustainable Energy Highlighted at Datacentre Forum in Finland

Sustainable energy will be highlighted at a datacentre investment forum in Finland sponsored by Invest in Kainuu, in collaboration with consulting firm BroadGroup, which will take place in Kajaani in central Finland, 26 October.

Kajaani Finland, 9 July 2012 – A new datacentre investment forum highlighting sustainable energy will take place in Kajaani, Finland sponsored by Invest in Kainuu, in collaboration with consulting firm BroadGroup, 26 October.

The forum will explore why Northern Europe is attracting the likes of Google and Facebook to establish datacentre facilities.

Kajaani, located in central Finland, is proposing itself as the ideal location in Northern Europe for sustainable Datacentre Operations. It has existing infrastructure perfectly positioned for datacentre businesses based primarily on excellent power infrastructure, all of which can be provisioned from existing zero emission renewable energy sources, perfect natural cooling environments, strong fibre connectivity to Western and Eastern Europe Internet exchanges, and excellent governmental support.

The Finnish Government has recently selected Kajaani to locate its new Super Computer Data Centre on a UPM site that previously housed a paper mill, and which is due to go live in Q3 2012. The Super Computer project is due to establish the world's 1st zero-emissions Super Computer, utilising the local environment in terms of 100% non-mechanical cooling (water and/or air resources).

Kajaani offers a number of benefits in particular, the availability of significant power capacity (120MW on site renewable and 400MW diverse grid connectivity) and zoned greenfield adjacent land which is immediately available.

"Datacentre owners and investors will be very attracted by the secure, sustainable and attractive power and fifty hectares of zoned land," commented Carl Wideman – Invest In Kainuu. "The site is available immediately for datacentre development. Added certainty is provided with Power contracts that can be fixed for at least 7 years. Connectivity is also excellent with diverse fibre to European international exchanges and directly to the Russian market."

Datacentre location is receiving much wider consideration than previously, according to BroadGroup in its new report, Datacentres Europe IV. The report notes that changes in procurement are occurring with corporates increasingly using broader IT and outsourcing specialists, who have a greater willingness to use different locations.

"As data centres become more integrated with IT and cloud thinking then a different mindset may be applied to datacentre locations," commented Steve Wallage, managing director of BroadGroup Consulting. "More broadly, we could think differently about datacentre procurement, towards smaller deployments at more diverse locations than simply the big shed'".

Companies joining the Forum will gain exceptional insight into the unique capabilities of Kajaani and the surrounding region and its environmental credentials. Site tours are also part of the programme to provide an in depth commercial and technical appraisal. The Forum will also feature world class expert speakers who will offer their perspective of the development.

Interested parties can register online at

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