Georgia Solar Installers Announce Home Efficiency Division

The Solar Energy USA team, one of Georgia's premier residential solar companies, is expanding service to now offer energy efficient home improvements through a new division called Net Zero USA. The company strives to help homeowners achieve zero net energy consumption and eliminate power bills.

Solar Energy USA, a national design and installation firm located in Alpharetta, Georgia, recently announced a new home improvement division – Net Zero USA. Net Zero USA specializes in energy efficient home improvements that have a dramatic effect on a power bill. The company aims to cut a homeowner's power bill in half or more, and then use photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to generate the remainder of needed power.

The term net zero' refers to a home or building that produces one-hundred percent of its required power, or has zero net energy consumption. According to Perry Bell, President of Solar Energy USA, "Energy efficiency and solar power go hand in hand. By reducing a homeowner's power bill through energy efficient home improvements we can levelize a majority of energy usage and waste within the home, thereby allowing the homeowner to install a smaller, more affordable PV array."

At a recent solar seminar local customer Adam Brown brought a copy of his latest power bill which showed an eight dollar credit as a result of the solar panels he had installed on his home in Cumming. Brown said his decision to go solar on his home was made easier by his local utility, Sawnee EMC, which gave him a fifteen hundred dollar cash rebate after he had the panels installed. The local power company also agreed to buyback any excess solar energy his system generates and pushes back into the grid.

While Brown's story is exciting, it is not unique according to Michael Chance, a company spokesperson. "Through our Net Zero' home improvement offering we have helped a number of homeowners achieve zero energy consumption," Chance said. "More than fifty percent of a homeowner's energy usage goes to heating and cooling the home. The first thing we do is create a higher level of efficiency inside the home by tightening the envelope of the house. Once efficiency has been achieved we can then install solar panels for power generation and energy independence. We've even helped customers reduce their dependence on gasoline by installing rooftop PV systems that power home charging stations which refuel electric vehicles with free solar energy," Chance added.

With the inclusion of Net Zero USA, Solar Energy USA now offers a full spectrum of energy reduction to both commercial and residential customers. Solar Energy USA helps businesses achieve energy reduction with their unique T5 lighting retrofit adapter. On a commercial level, lighting can represent a significant portion of a power bill, as much as 50% of total power consumption. Installing solar panels on a business, separately or in conjunction with energy efficient T5 lighting, can help a business save thousands of dollars a year and achieve zero energy consumption. According to Brian Lawrence, head of the Solar Energy USA Commercial Lighting Division, "T5 lighting projects normally pay for themselves in 8 to 16 months in most cases," while commercial solar energy projects can pay for themselves in 3 years or less.

About Solar Energy USA

Solar Energy USA is a renewable energy company that specializes in solar powered energy solutions including photovoltaic solar panel systems, solar thermal systems, solar attic ventilation, and energy efficient commercial T5 lighting. Solar Energy USA is committed to affordable solar solutions for both businesses and residential homeowners and is backed by a network of engineers and installers across the US which gives them collective data and information of new developments in the solar industry.

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