ReneSola Touted for its Leading Edge Technology during Intersolar Opening Session

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Welcomes ReneSola to His City with Open Arms

San Francisco, CA – July 19, 2012 – ReneSola, one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced solar manufacturing companies, has brought its sales and operations efforts to the United States giving customers more power for their dollar. The decision made by ReneSola to select San Francisco as the location for its North and South American headquarters didn't go unnoticed by Mayor Ed Lee, who congratulated the company during Intersolar North America in San Francisco last week.

"I am excited to welcome ReneSola, a leading manufacturer of solar panels that uses innovative, cutting-edge technologies, to the ‘Innovation Capital of the World,' said Lee. "It's companies like ReneSola that are growing our economy and driving job creation in our city."

ReneSola will deliver more than 2.2 GW of solar products globally in 2012, thanks largely in part to its high efficiency wafers which are manufactured in-house, making it one of the industry's only fully integrated photovoltaic module manufacturers. ReneSola's 91 percent PTC rating is among the industry's best and its newly released Virtus module offers cell efficiencies greater than 18.3 percent. Virtus PV modules provide the industry with high efficiency outputs at lower price points.

"Like Intel chips to computers, wafers are essentially the chips that power solar PV modules. Our in-house ability to produce high efficiency wafers in large volume not only gives us an edge to outperform other name brand modules, but provides our customers stable long-term supply certainty," said Kevin Chen, President, ReneSola America. "Our wafer and module technology will continue to revolutionize the PV industry and our high efficiency products have already been embraced in Europe with high customer enthusiasm. We selected San Francisco as the regional headquarters for North and South America because this truly is the region's ‘Solar Capital.' Being here will provide us with the best avenue to convey the message of our products' real value and quality to the rest of the region."

ReneSola has sales and operations locations throughout North and South America and continues to staff those regions with highly qualified sales and marketing talent. ReneSola's high efficiency modules will revolutionize the domestic PV market, helping to drive down the cost of solar significantly to improve return on investment, with the use of high quality and high efficiency modules. (Watch Recent CBS News Story on ReneSola at Intersolar Here)

About ReneSola Ltd.

ReneSola is a leading global manufacturer of solar wafers and producer of solar power products. Capitalizing on proprietary technologies, economies of scale, high production quality, and technological innovations and know-how, ReneSola leverages its in-house virgin polysilicon and solar cell and module production capabilities to provide its customers with high-quality, cost-competitive solar wafer products and processing services. The Company possesses a global network of suppliers and customers which includes some of the leading global manufacturers of solar cells and modules. ReneSola's ADSs are traded on The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: SOL). For more information about ReneSola, please visit

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