Industry's #1 solar optimizer first to be officially bankable

LOS GATOS, Calif. – August 15, 2012 – Tigo Energy®, the market leader in SmartModuleTM technology for photovoltaic (PV) solar, today announced that they have received a positive bankability report from BEW Engineering (BEW). This first in class certification from a reputable, independent, bank-approved engineering firm for module-level optimizers, validates Tigo Energy's industry leadership for reliability as a scalable solar solution.

This endorsement from BEW validates that Tigo Energy's PV optimizer is suitable for deployment in commercial- and utility-scale bank-owned solar systems. The study, executed by BEW, provides their recommendation of Tigo Energy's products, practices and processes.

This in-depth study from BEW includes assessments about the PV optimizer's production, performance and usability. It cites Tigo Energy's design as a simple power circuit topology using standard and robust components. Also notable in the report was Tigo Energy's exclusion of electrolytic capacitors, which improves system reliability.

Other features that contributed to the positive review include:
Fire and arc prevention
Increased energy harvest
Module-level performance monitoring & intelligent alert systems
The optimizer's high efficiency

"Tigo's approach to product design is thorough and professional, and the design verification testing and reliability testing are consistent with industry good practices," the report states. "The selected contract manufacturer, Inventec, is highly respected and Tigo has adequate processes in place to manage them. Product documentation is complete and the service infrastructure is in place to support the product."

"We are proud to have third party validation from BEW demonstrating the robustness of our optimizer," said Ron Hadar, President of Tigo Energy. "We have consistently pushed the limits on the world's largest smart arrays, and this study is an important step towards taking our technology to progressively larger clients with increasingly high standards."

Tigo Energy will be showcasing their next generation module technologies during Solar Power International in Orlando, September 10-13. You can find them in booth 3133 in the exhibit hall.

About Tigo Energy
Tigo Energy designs the #1 PV solar optimizer utilizing patented impedance matching technology enabling 25% more power density on any roof or utility project, uneven string lengths and different orientations. Installers and system owners achieve the highest ROI by increasing energy production and maximum system up-time for new systems and retrofits. Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Tigo Energy is an innovative force partnering with module, inverter and combiner box manufacturers to embed these technologies and monitor arcing, fire and safety hazards. Tigo Energy delivers the most effective string monitoring, theft prevention and fleet management.

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