Vela Solaris Releases Polysun Online: Plan Your Solar Installations on Your Mobile Devices

Enabling users to run their system simulations directly on the Internet.

SAN FRANCISCO--Vela Solaris has launched an online version of its well-established simulation software Polysun on enabling users to run their system simulations directly on the Internet. Based on the highly valued Polysun computational core, this tool provides an ideal solution for the design and sale of solar PV, solar hot water and heat pump systems. As a unique feature, Polysun offers the opportunity to simulate hybrid systems as a combination of the three above-mentioned technologies, e.g. solar PV with heat pumps. At this year's Otti symposium in Bad Staffelstein, Polysun Online was awarded the second prize in the "Innovation" category.

Polysun, the well-established simulation software, is now also available online on providing users with an innovative tool for the design and sale of solar systems and heat pumps. With this new tool, Vela Solaris creates a twofold revolution in the software market for renewable energy technologies: with Polysun Online, solar PV, solar hot water and heat pump technologies are uniquely combined in a single tool enabling the simulation of hybrid systems so that the user is able to quickly determine, for example, the desired relation between PV modules and solar thermal collectors or to quickly and easily clarify on the Internet whether a heat pump with PV makes more sense than a combination with solar hot water; secondly, the simulation is based on the highly valued Polysun computational core. When the user starts a simulation over the Internet, virtually running Polysun remotely, figures are calculated by advanced Swiss software technology and not by some simplified tool. There's no need to install the software on your computer; all you need is an Internet connection. For the first time this new technology known as "cloud" is applied in the field of solar hot water and heat pumps. Accurate, professional results are guaranteed.

In the future, craftsmen and sales representatives will be able to run accurate, hassle-free system simulations directly on the Internet. No more time-consuming installations and updates; complicated user manuals of other programs can be confidently placed back on the bookshelf; Polysun Online can be easily used on your Internet browser.

"Finally a software that is easy for craftsmen to use and still provides adequately accurate results", says Markus Staudigl, Engineering Manager of General Solar Systems Deutschland GmbH.

On top of that, the basic version can be used free of charge. Additional premium features such as customized result presentation and extensive product catalogues are available for a monthly fee.

Up to this day, professional sales reports could only be generated by purchasing Polysun, which was not worthwhile for craftsmen who only need to simulate a system once or twice a year. Now Vela Solaris wants to offer these customers the opportunity to access the software for a small fee for one month only.

For sales representatives who are always on the move and need an easy-to-use, computer-independent tool, Polysun Online Premium is the ideal solution.

"In a mature market such as today's, customers can no longer be persuaded with rule-of-thumb solutions. Polysun Online reports show reliable, documented results, build trust and confidence with the customer and result in improved sales effectiveness", says Simon Geisshsler, a member of the management at Vela Solaris AG.

Thanks to cloud technology and professional sales reports with up-to-date product information, Polysun Online Premium offers the reliability that is required for accurate calculations. Computer-free access makes it possible for the user to always have Polysun Online at hand, whether for technical discussions at the building site or while talking to customers in a restaurant. With their user name, their password and an Internet-capable device such as a tablet or a smartphone, Polysun customers are always a step ahead of their interlocutor.

"Polysun Online has enabled us to process multiple sales opportunities relieving, at the same time, our technical sales staff from repetitive assignments" says delighted Wolfgang Guggenberger from the technical management of SONNENKRAFT sterreich Vertriebs GmbH.

With Polysun Online, Vela Solaris was awarded the second prize in the "Innovation" category at the Otti symposium in Bad Staffelstein. Its unique combination of advanced software technology and ease of use was praised by visitors and branch experts alike. Many customers wish they could work independently on their mobile devices while maintaining a professional and convincing image – now Polysun Online does the trick!

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Vela Solaris is a leading provider of simulation software for the renewable energy sector, running offices in the US and Europe. Polysun simulation software provides invaluable support in the analysis, design and calculation of heating and cooling systems using renewable energy. Polysun has been on the market since 1992. It was originally created at the Swiss federal Institute for Solar Technology SPF. Our software has been setting new and higher industry standards continuously ever since. Solid scientific foundations and its user friendliness have made Polysun the preferred software solution for thousands of experts and well established companies worldwide. Vela Solaris cooperates closely with universities and manufacturers to further develop Polysun everyday.

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