Solar energy conference brings business sector leaders to Brazil

In addition to representatives of major Brazilian companies and organizations, the conference ‘The Solar Future: Brazil' will be attended by speakers from China, Canada, the USA and the Netherlands.

São Paulo, August 28 - Executives and experts from several countries have confirmed their presence at the international conference ‘The Solar Future: Brazil.' Promoted by Solarplaza, a Dutch company specialized in events and trade missions in the field of solar photovoltaics, the conference will be held on September 20 in São Paulo. Topics on the agenda include the potential, challenges and opportunities for solar photovoltaics in Brazil, especially in the context of the regulation of mini and micro distributed generation. Under this new standard, issued in April, consumers, individuals and corporations can generate their own power, sharing it with the network in a system of compensation claims.

Addressing this and other issues relating to the solar photovoltaics market, the conference will include presentations by Peng Fang, CEO of JA Solar (the world's largest solar modules producer), Arturo Herraro, CMO of Jinko Solar (one of the world's largest PV manufacturers), and Jos van der Hyden, Vice-President of Canadian Solar (one of the largest suppliers in the industry). "The international speakers will provide an outside view of the potential for the Brazilian market and provide examples of successful practices in other markets. Photovoltaic solar energy is developing not only in Brazil but in several other countries. Nations such as Italy and Spain have rapidly expanded their generation capacity and we can learn a great deal from those experiences," says Edwin Koot, CEO of Solarplaza and one of the speakers at the event.

The conference program will also cover the specific characteristics of the Brazilian market. The conference will review the regulations governing micro and mini distributed generation, as well as other rules and incentives applicable to the sector, with presentations by Leonidas Andrade, Director of Photovoltaics at the trade group ABINEE (Brazilian Association of Electrical and Electronics Industry), and Fabio Silva Stacke, Energy National Agency (ANEEL)'s Regulation Expert. From the private sector, Siemens, CPFL, Tecnometal, Metasolar, Neoenergia and Gehrlicher Solar Ecoluz of Brazil will also take part in the discussion, covering topics such as hybrid solar units, solar energy for power utilities, parts supply for solar photovoltaics power generation, etc.

The Solar Future: Brazil: 2012
WHEN: September 20, 2012
WHERE: Sao Paulo
LOCAL: Bourbon Convention Ibirapuera Center
ADDRESS: Avenida Ibirapuera, 2907 - Moema
INVESTMENT: R $1.250,00

SOLARPLAZA ( is an international platform that organizes high-level conferences, seminars and trade missions around the world. The company provides and shares knowledge, networking opportunities and free information services, and publishes the free daily newsletter "SUN." Founded by Edwin Koot, the company has over 17 years of experience in solar power and firmly believes in a "renewable future": a future built on the power of solar energy. Since its founding in 2004, SolarPlaza has built a network of thousands of friends, associates, professionals and solar experts. To date the company has organized over 28 international events dedicated to the photovoltaic industry.

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