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Now in its fourth year, RETECH 2012 is the renewable energy Conference and Exhibition dedicated to not only keeping you informed, but keeping you ahead of the curve so you can grow your business.

In the ever shifting renewable energy landscape, staying informed about the latest renewable energy technologies and issues is paramount to your job and the success of your business. You research cutting-edge applications on the internet, read industry publications such as this one, and collaborate with colleagues and vendors to try to determine where the industry is headed. Trying to stay ahead of the curve is hard work, not to mention time-consuming.

Now in its fourth year, RETECH 2012 is the renewable energy Conference and Exhibition dedicated to not only keeping you informed, but keeping you ahead of the curve so you can grow your business. More than 3,000 of the world's renewable energy leaders from government, utility, finance and technology will gather once again in Washington, D.C. at the Omni Shoreham from October 16-19, 2012. During the three days of engaging conference sessions, you'll learn from thought leaders at the forefront of the next wave of renewable energy technology.

RETECH's conference sessions deliver unparalleled educational content including business development opportunities, topical professional development, current trends, discussion of the newest technologies and important up-to-date information on the changing legislative and regulatory landscapes. Four new targeted, conference tracks including National Defense & Security, Power Generation & Infrastructure, Transportation and Renewable Energy Technology, allow you to customize your agenda to gain the knowledge most applicable to your business.

National Defense & Security

Energy independence is a key area of focus for the United States government in formulating a national policy. Nowhere is this more apparent than with our nation's military. The Department of Defense (DoD), the single biggest user of energy in the country, has been working through a number of strategic initiatives to use renewable energy efficiently and effectively. These initiatives include the use of renewable energy to achieve critical national security, operational and expeditionary objectives.

RETECH 2012's National Defense and Security conference track will examine how renewable energy usage is being applied to meet these objectives. Each of the six sessions in this track will examine the strategies, procurement, technology advances, financial opportunities and the important role that the private sector will play to assist the military in achieving its goals. Led by panels of experts from all branches of the military, leading government agencies, successful defense contractors, renewable energy technologists and solutions providers, you won't want to miss any of these sessions in this track:
• Military Overview: Requirements and Procurement Needs of Services
• Military's Role in Renewable Energy Innovation
• National Security and Tactical Leadership in the Use of Biofuels
• Leveraging Private Sector Capital in Support of the Military's Mission
• Warfighter Application of Renewable Energy Products and Services
• Base and Community Cooperation in the Shift to Decentralized Generation

These sessions will be led by our nation's foremost thought leaders and experts including Col. Robert Charette, Director, Expeditionary Energy Office, U.S. Marine Corps, Stephen Gorin, Director, Department of Defense Energy Programs, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, John Lushetsky, Executive Director, U.S. Army Energy Initiatives Task Force (EITF), Jonathan Powers, Federal Environmental Executive, White House Council on Environmental Quality, Dr. Adam Rosenberg, Deputy Director for Technology Strategy, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy and Ben Steinberg, DOE-DOD MOU Partnership Manager, U.S. Department of Energy.

Power Generation & Infrastructure

Generating, storing, transmitting and integrating renewable energy into the current portfolios and operating systems of utilities around the world remains a challenge. RETECH 2012's Power Generation and Infrastructure conference track will explore how renewable energy can be successfully integrated into a viable business model for power generation companies. Each of the six sessions in this track will explore the industry trends, financial models and technology advances, challenges and opportunities that exist for renewable energy with power generating companies. Led by panels of experts from public utility commissions, power purchasers, renewable energy technology professionals and solutions providers, sessions will include:
• Trends in Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Power Generation
• Policy Impacts on Renewable Energy Project Finance
• Private Sector Financing of Renewable Energy
• Systems Integration: Solving the Generation, Grid and Transmission Puzzle
• Meeting the Market Demand for Higher Renewable Energy Procurement
• Crystal Ball: Looking at the Future of Renewable Energy Power Generation

Each of these sessions will be led by industry authorities such as Matt Futch, Global Policy Director, IBM, Bryan Hannegan, Vice President, Environment and Renewables, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Sheldon Kimber, Chief Operating Officer, Recurrent Energy, Drew Murphy, Executive Vice President, Strategy and M&A, NRG Energy, Inc., David Ozment, Director of Energy Management, Walmart, and Adam Sieminski, Administrator, U.S. Energy Information Administration.

A major challenge the world faces is transforming our fossil fuels dependent transportation infrastructure to an infrastructure driven by renewable energy, fuels and sustainable resources. Companies have taken on this challenge by producing more alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles. Today, there are more alternative fuel vehicles on the road than at any other point in our history and changing technology means more innovation is coming.

RETECH 2012's Transportation conference track will feature the latest technological advancements and policy initiatives to move towards clean transportation. Each of the six sessions in this track will probe how renewable energy and alternative fuel sources are being adopted, the latest developments in creating clean burning engines and case studies of companies and communities using these vehicles. Led by panels of experts from vehicle manufacturers, component developers, fleet managers, government officials, alternative fuel companies and solutions providers, sessions will include:
• Energy Storage Solutions for Transportation
• Alternative Fuels and Transmission Infrastructure
• Natural Gas: The Other Alternative Fuel
• Updates on Clean Transportation Policy and Procurement
• The Future of the Internal Combustion Engine
• Renewable Transit Options

These sessions will be led by our nation's foremost thought leaders such as Chandra Brown, President, United Streetcar, John Gibble, Project Manager, Advanced Engineering, Volvo, Albert Hernandez, Deputy Director, Transit Authority, Miami-Dade County, Meredith Martino, Director of Environmental Policy, American Association of Port Authorities, Michael Koontz, CMAQ Program Manager, Department of Transportation, Edwin Owens, Supervising General Engineer of Hybrid Electric Systems and Materials Technology, U.S. Dept of Energy, Avani Patel, Sr. R&D Manager, Dow Energy Materials, and Sean Seymour, Program Analyst- Alternative Fuel Vehicle Fleet Management, GSA.

Renewable Energy Technology

With innovation continuing to drive the renewable energy industry forward, new advancements and shifting opportunities can be seen across the field. RETECH 2012's Renewable Energy Technology track will examine renewable energy technologies from biomass and geothermal to wind and solar. Each of the six sessions in this track will features assessments and performance characteristics of renewable energy technologies and opportunities for more advanced, reliable, and cost-effective technologies. Presented by panels of experts from across government and the private sector, sessions will include:
• Developments in the Biomass Industry
• Geothermal
• Advances in Hydropower, Tidal and Wave Energy
• It Came from Where? Waste Energy and Other Sources of Renewable Energy
• The Future of the Solar Industry in the United States
• What's Next for the Wind Industry?

These sessions will be led by our nation's experts including Mark Hall, Executive Vice President and Chief Environmental Officers, Lakeside Energy, Biren Gandhi, Managing Consultant and Senior Architect, IBM, Jennifer Hedrick, Association Manager, Pellet Fuels Institute, Doug Hollett, Program Director, Geothermal Technologies, U.S. Department of Energy- EERE, Ann Miles, Director, HydroPower Licensing, Robert LaBelle, Science Advisor to the Director, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, and Richard LeBlanc, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, SkyFuel.

International Trade Roundtable

Alongside the above four conference tracks, RETECH 2012 will feature additional conference programming including specialized pre-conference workshops, a keynote session with presentations from the major players in renewable energy including Michael Lewis, Chief Operating Officer, E.ON Climate & Renewables, and Friday's International Trade Roundtable: The Role of Trade Policy in the Growth of Renewable Energy.

The Roundtable, convened by ACORE's U.S.-China Program, will gather industry executives and stakeholders to discuss the current state of trade policy globally and explore tariff and non-tariff related trade measures, particularly renewable energy subsidies and procurement, their relevance in promoting renewable energy growth globally, and their overall implications on trade. In addition, participants will explore ways and means by which various multinational and bi-lateral organizations and initiatives are addressing market and trade-related barriers to renewable energy deployment globally.

See and Meet More
The conference sessions are complemented by an Exhibit Hall floor featuring innovative products and services from more than 75 exhibitors from across the renewable energy field and numerous networking opportunities with industry leaders. At RETECH you'll see more new products and services and meet more new colleagues in three days than you would normally in three months.

Visit for a full schedule of events, conference session details and to register today for RETECH 2012: The Premier Business, Policy and Technology Conference and Exhibition for the Entire Renewable Energy Industry. We look forward to seeing you October 16-19, 2012 in Washington, D.C.!

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