Ingeteam has showcased its new range of outdoor central inverters

Ingeteam has presented at Orlando's Solar Power International its new INGECON SUN inverters, specifically certified for the American market and designed to offer customers the maximum reliability and performance. These new products considerably add to the range of technological solutions for outdoor central inverters, single and three phase inverters, MV substations, micro-grids and communications.

Outdoor inverters

As a key innovation, Ingeteam has showcased its new range of outdoor central inverters. Featuring an innovative ventilation system, these inverters are able to withstand temperatures of up to 122F (50C) whilst operating at their rated power. This INGECON SUN PowerMaxter U outdoor inverter family, ranging from 250 to 880 kW, with its new AC/DC integrated cabinet, enables to maximize efficiency in low irradiance conditions, and completes the range of central inverters for multi-megawatt systems.

This family of inverters is characterised by its reliability, its optimum cost/power ratio and its high performance levels, with particular mention of the INGECON SUN 880TL U X360, offering a peak efficiency of 98.7%, one of the highest on today's global market. This equipment has been exhibited at SPI'2012, as it has been the new INGECON SUN Power U Outdoor, feasible for outdoor installation in large commercial PV systems, ground or roof mounted. This awesome PV inverter, featuring a galvanic isolation transformer, is available for 208 and 480 Vac and withstands ambient temperatures of up to 149F (65C). Additionally, Ingeteam has introduced a transformerless version of the INGECON SUN Power U Outdoor inverter, with an output power of 125 to 220 kW.

Single and three phase inverters

With regard to its single phase inverter line, in Orlando Ingeteam has presented its INGECON SUN Lite U inverter family, with or without transformer. Suitable for outdoor installation, these inverters are able to withstand high temperatures. Its transformerless version ranges from 3.6 to 6 kW, offering renewed features and higher efficiency levels than ever.

Medium Voltage

Ingeteam has also showcased a "turn-key" solution, comprising a single structure with two central inverters for outdoor installation, a MV transformer and all the devices required to convert the energy harnessed by the PV array and deliver it to the medium voltage grid. The INGECON SUN PowerStation U "turn-key" solutions can be supplied in a range from 500 kW to 1760 kW and tailored to meet the demands of each and every customer.

Ingecon Sun Training

The recently-launched INGECON SUN Training, with its own website, is intended to offer support and serve as a meeting point for customers, installers and professionals in the PV sector. As a key objective, the INGECON SUN Training is committed to providing training and to nurturing the professional development of the technical and sales personnel involved in the operation, maintenance and promotion of the INGECON SUN equipment. Ingeteam's customers will be able to enjoy face-to-face workshops, webinars and customised training courses, intended to cover any requirement whatsoever. Whilst installers will find the necessary support to become an INGECON SUN Service Partner, thereby allowing our customers to benefit from an extensive service network throughout the world.

All the INGECON SUN inverters come with the software INGECON SUN Manager and the INGECON WEB Monitor, two web portals for viewing the parameters and recording the data of any PV installation.

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