PROINSO installs first three PV solar kits for 10 to 25% savings on electricity Bills

PROINSO is launching solar kits for self-consumption and net metering

• It is an integrated solution for users interested in applications for total or partial self-consumption of energy. The company offers technical assistance and maintenance services together with its Network of Qualified Installers, as well as funding for the project.

• The first three self-consumption installations are located in Badajoz, Guadalix (Madrid) and Fustiñana (Navarra).

• PROINSO sources explained that electricity self-consumption and net metering reduce losses in the grid, ensure energy autonomy and improve power supply.

• It is estimated that, with the expected rise in electricity prices, selfconsumption applications can reduce electricity bills by 10 to 25% in the next ten years.

• The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has not yet forwarded the proposal for a Royal Decree regulating net metering, which allows for electricity metering compensation.

24 September 2012. PROINSO, a multinational company that supplies modules, inverters, solar trackers, fixed structures and other products for ground and roof-mounted solar PV installations, has launched and installed the first self-consumption solutions for total or partial power selfconsumption. These integrated installations include the technical solution (modules, inverters, structures, batteries, chargers), installation and maintenance services (with the support of the International Network of Qualified Installers, comprised of 241 installers in Spain and 2,117 around the world) and project funding, in conjunction with banks.

The solution from PROINSO meets annual production needs with a model of distributed power generation. It is targeted at homes, businesses or small industries, in accordance with Royal Decree 1699/2011 for small power facilities. The three installations comply with the aforementioned Royal Decree, which approves the connection to the grid of small installations that supply the power consumed in homes with utilities Endesa, Iberdrola and Unión Fenosa.

The PROINSO integrated solution features: 240Wp modules, SMA inverters (SB 1200 + RS485 + WebBox) or ENECSYS micro inverters and MECASOLAR structures. Low power kits have micro inverters manufactured by ENECSYS. The first three solutions were delivered and installed by three members of PROINSO's Network of Qualified Installers: Salix Energías Renovables, Prinen and Fossic. The three companies have ten-year experience in the PV industry and are experts in the installation of these products. The facilities are in the headquarters of two companies based in Fustiñana (Navarra) and Guadalix (Madrid), and a retirement home in Badajoz.

At PROINSO they explain that domestic power prices have been rising dramatically in Spain and are expected to keep soaring, ‘especially because power generation costs will be transferred to consumers.' ‘For this reason,' they add, ‘both households and companies interested in maximising power efficiency and cutting down monthly electricity bills are in search of viable self-consumption solutions.' They estimate that, with the expected rise in electricity prices, self-consumption applications can reduce electricity bills by 10 to 25% in the next ten years. We should consider that, in the past three years, electricity prices have Brown by 20%, and the upward trend is expected to continue.

The first ten integrated solutions delivered by PROINSO range from 240Wp PV SYSTEM KITS ON GRID that can generate up to 384kWh/year to 5,760kWp KITS ON GRID that can generate up to 9,216kWh/year. KITS ON GRID – installation excluded –cost between €319 and €5.850. As can be seen in the table below, full return on investment can take 4.2 to 5.5 years if you do not consider the rise in electricity bills over the next years, which would provide full return on investment in less time.

PROINSO's self-consumption installations regulated by RD 1699/2011 for small applications were designed to comply with the net metering decree that is expected to be issued in the near future. All PROINSO solutions are available for Qualified Installers online at the PROINSO STORE ( site includes prices and kit configurations on demand.

Self-consumption and net metering pros

In light of the legislation to be introduced in Spain soon regulating self-consumption with annual or monthly net metering compensating for the difference between energy inflows and outflows, at PROINSO they point out that, under net metering, ‘consumers receive compensation for excess electricity production at various times in the period involved.'

This way, PROINSO bids on self-consumption and net metering because they reduce losses in the grid, guarantee power autonomy, reduce investments in distribution and transportation, give support to the system at times of peak demand and improve power supply, among other benefits.

At the Solar Industry Conference to take place in Madrid on 18 October 2012, PROINSO will share its experience on the legal approval of these three installations and present its self-consumption and net metering strategy. Organised by SOLARPRAXIS, The Solar Industry Conference has been held since 2007.//


PROINSO specialises in the supply of modules, inverters, fixed structures and trackers for PV solar stations.

As at the end of 2011, the company had delivered a total 1,115MW around the world, a record high that
turns it into one of the world's leaders in the sector, and the International Network of Qualified
Installers, currently comprising more than 2,200 members, played a key role in this achievement.
With international markets accounting for 88% sales, PROINSO has offices in Spain, Germany, Greece,
Italy, USA, Great Britain, France, Canada, China and the Czech Republic. Recently, the company set up
branches in Australia, India and Thailand to strengthen its presence in South-East Asia.//

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