Conergy helps T&P Farms use the Sun to "Crack" Almonds in Northern California

Conergy installs 725kW solar solution for almond producer, T&P Farms

Arbuckle, California, October 9, 2012 – Conergy Projects Group has broken ground on a 725 kW photovoltaic system for T&P Farms out of Arbuckle, California. The system will power T&P Farms almond hulling and shelling operations – allowing the power of the sun to supply the energy needed to "crack" the nuts out of their shells so they can go into your mouth. The system will supply T&P with 95% of the energy they use and allow T&P to offset thousands in high utility costs.

The 725 kW photovoltaic system will be divided into two installations for T&P – installed on both the south face of the Hull Storage Barn and atop the Elevated Solar Structure used to both generate energy and store T&P Farm equipment. The two installations will feature 3,024 Conergy PM 240P Watt solar modules and 3.9 miles of Conergy Mounting System rail. Producing 1,138,280 kWh annually, the installations will prevent the release of more than 892 tons of harmful CO2 greenhouse gas per year, reduce energy consumption, and save millions in electricity costs for T&P.

T&P's existing orchards already help eliminate millions of CO2 from the California air, and this installation will help reduce another 22,000 tons of the greenhouse gas over the next 25 years. "We at T & P Farms made the right decision in choosing Conergy for our unique solar array. We asked Conergy to help us conserve the open ground around our Huller & Sheller by putting the solar array on our Hull Barn & on an elevated structure. Conergy jumped at the opportunity to take on our project, and they have been outstanding throughout the entire process. We are looking forward to the advantages going Solar has to offer," stated Sarah Reynolds, Project Manager with T&P.

Acting as engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance firm on the project, Conergy was excited to help T&P reach its environmental stewardship goals. "We are very happy to be working with T&P and help them to reach their green initiatives while saving them boat loads of money" said David Vincent, Project Development Manager with Conergy. "T&P is a leader in their industry and a very well respected company among their peers. We wouldn't be surprised to see their decision to go solar prompting many other companies to follow along," he added.

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