BBF Russia 2012 Saint Petersburg, Russia , 03.12.2012 - 04.12.2012

Russia is unique due to its unified power system that connects 70 localised energy systems and allows the transfer of power across the country. The shear magnitude of the renewable energy potential qualifies Russia as a leading candidate for development

Russia is unique due to its unified power system that connects 70 localised energy systems and allows the transfer of power across the country. This is a unique situation that could allow the siting of renewable energy projects in some remote locations with access to transmission facilities which can deliver power to more densely populated areas. The overwhelming size of Russia also implies a strong development potential for all renewable energy resources.

The overall technical potential of biomass is estimated as 35 million toe, which, if converted to electrical power, could generate nearly 15,000 MWe. This includes sewage sludge, cattle manure, and lumber waste. With the reconstruction of pulp and paper plants, the use of wood waste is also becoming more prevalent.

Development of renewable energy projects is hindered by the lack of a legislative mandate (renewable portfolio standard or feed-in prices), low electric and heat tariffs, low public demand, and the overall lack of investment capital due to economic instability. Nevertheless, the shear magnitude of the renewable energy potential qualifies Russia as a leading candidate for development.

The conference will cover a number of topics revolving around:

The state of the bioenergy industry in Russia
Second-generation biofuels: progress in technology and development
Biotechnology in grain processing and production of "green" chemistry as value added fermentation products
Potable alcohol plants: production process & conversion to biofuels
Wet-milling and production of gluten, starches and bioethanol & biobutanol
Pyrolysis & gasi­fication: bio-oil, biochar and syngas. Heating bio-oil market.
Biodiesel market development options for Russia
Fossil industry position on biofuels and the oil industry expectations
Fuel ethanol plant's economics: Dry-Mill vs. Wet-Mill, Energy Integration
Regulatory and legal frameworks for biofuels industry in Russia
Generating Revenues From Co-Products (Distillers Grain and Carbon Dioxide)
The Russian Biofuel Market - Ready for take-off?
Wood chips and pellet production and international trade
Solid biofuels: production and use in Russia. Biomass stoves, boilers & burners.
Pellets & briquettes: export & domestic utility market. Co-production at bioenergy
Municipal waste into energy - district heating
Filtration and purification technologies for converting lowgrade feedstock into high quility biofuel
Grain, woody and agri biomass storage and process facilities for bioenergy production
Fire protection for the bioenergy industry
and more (please email us for a copmalete call for papers)

Who will you meet:
Biomass and biogas producers
Biomass traders - domestic and international
Biomass and biogas storage and transportation executives
Biomass and biogas plants operators
Biomass and biogas technology companies
Renewable energy finance professionals
Renewable energy law experts
Crop technologists
Waste managers
Saw mill operators
Lifestock and poultry owners
Wood waste experts
Pelleting managers
Fuels experts
Heads, grain storage and process facilities
Heads, woody and biomass storage and process facilities
other entities interested/ involved in the bioenergy market

Why attend:
A fully packed programme of high profile speakers
Excellent networking with the who's who of the Russian and international bioenergy industry
Technology update in the exhibition area
Extensive finance advice on developing commercially profitable biomass and biogas projects with case studies
Learn about local biogas plant build and profitability
Discover how to utilise your waste and make money
Join +200 bioenergy experts
Take part in extensive matchmaking sessions with industry leaders and decision-makers
Promote your company at the exhibition located in the main networking area

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