Watch out for New Equipment Truck and Crane from Elliott

Elliott Equipment Company has come up with new Truck and Crane equipments that are generations ahead in technology from other traditional manufacturers. They have successfully showcased new and innovative truck- mounted hydraulic aerial work platforms and cranes for the mining industry in the year

With advancement in engineering and technology there has been high demand around the globe for innovative equipments of trucks, cranes and aerial platforms that can keep in pace with the development taking place in construction and mining industry.

Being the leading manufacturers of these equipments for more than 62 years, Elliott Equipment Company tries to come up with new, innovative and technically advanced machineries that can not only keep pace with the development, but in fact overtake it through sheer passion and dedication they have for their work.
At the recently held International Mine Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012, Elliott Equipment Company exhibited a new and innovative truck-mounted hydraulic aerial work platforms and cranes for the mining industry which grabbed attention of everyone present.
Elliott Equipments is a company that has been leading manufacturers of trucks, cranes and aerial work platforms for industries like Sign and Lighting, Utilities and Electric Contractors, Public Works, Mining, Oil Industry, Construction, Transportation and many other Industries. They have manufactured heavy duty Truck and Crane products that are backed by lifetime structural warranty in USA and Canada.
The latest products launched by Elliott Equipment Company is an amazing full-hydraulic upper platform control package for its HiReach aerial work platform product line, Aerial Lift Truck , new 36127R Boom Truck, a rear-mounted variation of its popular 36127F 36-ton boom truck model and The M43 HiReach is a telescopic aerial work platform with a standardized aluminum line body built by Alum-Line.
The products of Elliott's are designed to be free from sparks and electronics so that they can function effectively in underground mining, high corrosion environment and unfriendly workplaces like salt mining. They have been attracting customers from around the globe customers from mining, oil/gas, and utilities around the globe who come in search of equipment that can lift personnel and survive harsh condition. The excellent quality products provided by Elliott's are suited to serve the needs of the customers who require specific features in aerial work platform and crane manufacturing industry which is only available with them.
No wonder with their reputation and quality maintenance, Elliott's are serving people in not only in the whole country, but also around the world. For the industrialists looking for reliable, versatile and durable equipments for work like signage, utilities, municipalities, departments of transportation and mining; Elliott's is the right name to suggest.
Last but not the least, Elliott's has been winners of several safety awards by the Nebraska National Safety Council, including a Gold Award for Workplace Safety in 2010. While working with Elliott's products one can be sure of the safety of their employees as the products are manufactured with maximum safety in mind.
About Elliott Equipment
Elliott Equipment Company, of Omaha, Nebraska is a company that has stood for industry leading products with great innovative design features. They manufacture high quality equipment that is built to last for a lifetime. They are specialists in manufacturing Boom Trucks, Aerial Work Platforms, Hydraulic Lifting Solutions, Custom Equipment Engineering, and Business Solutions.

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