At Rho Fiera Milano from 8 to 10 May 2013, the new event at international level which covers the entire spectrum of technological innovation for a low-carbon economy.----- "The world of energy has changed": starting from this premise, the Innovation Cloud concentrates on renewables, network technologies and energy efficiency as drivers for the "technological agenda" of the future.----- The massive trend towards innovation, the commitment to a powerful critical mass and the creation of possible synergies within the various industrial sectors will inspire the organisation of the first exhibition in 2013 for an important contribution to sustainable economic growth.

Milan, 30 October 2012 – The launch of a new international exhibition project has started, it will take place from 8 to 10 May 2013 at the stands of Rho Fiera Milano. It's called "The Innovation Cloud": a platform integrating all the innovative energy technologies including Solarexpo, always the benchmark event in Italy and one of the leading three in the world specialising in solar energy. The Innovation Cloud is therefore building on the consolidated success at national and global level of Solarexpo, which again adopts the format of an international exhibition and convention and is again timed for the first half of May.

The Innovation Cloud is the outcome of a renewed desire to promote technological excellence in energy by Expoenergie, the organising company behind Solarexpo, and re-launches the original aims of what was the first fair in Italy dedicated to renewable energy and energy distribution. Conceived to represent what now seems abundantly clear as a true and proper "galaxy" of technologies closely linked to each other, the nnovation Cloud intends to ensure the generation of synergies and a powerful critical mass, with the joint aim of accelerating transition to a low-carbon economy.

The mission of The Innovation Cloud is thus to promote, alongside the photovoltaic and solar thermodynamics on which Solarexpo focuses, all the other renewable sources of electricity and new technologies brought to the fore by the extraordinary growth in solar and wind generation these last few years: from energy storage, to give substance to the self-sufficiency objectives of "prosumers" (a new kind of producers-consumers of energy), to "intelligent networks" as the new models for controlling increased power generation distribution. From electrical and hybrid mobility to smart cities, exploiting all energy technology and ICT potential. And: all renewable heating systems, energy sustainability and efficiency in the building industry and the architecture of future buildings ("NextBuilding"), going as far as that great reserve of potential savings still not fully exploited – industrial energy efficiency.

In a market context in which the energy industry is called on to offer increasingly interconnected technology – starting with the photovoltaic plants now clearly targeting energy self-sufficiency and therefore increased storage and the home automation of building consumption, air conditioning with heat pumps, also supported by solar or biomass energy, as well as the recharging of electric vehicles - all these actors, whether professionals, consumers or investors, must be prepared to rise to this challenge. While on the one hand professional operators must be capable of mastering increasingly inter-disciplinary approaches (just think for example of the opportunities offered by the imminent obligation to design buildings with almost nil energy consumption), on the other hand customers must be aware of the best solutions to achieve their own investment objectives in the sense of sustainability and energy bill savings. Finally investors are required to pay more careful attention to new opportunities for diversification in the many segments of energy technology.

"The Innovation Cloud intends to offer instruments to the Italian and overseas public to deal with this complexity", declares Luca Zingale, founder and scientific director of Solarexpo. "Thanks to a multi-technology concept and to the wide range of high quality exhibits, the fair will respond to all requirements for technical know-how and business intelligence from operators. All this with a strong bias towards innovation. Because new techniques and innovative products are the only real drivers of sustainable growth".

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