Wilmington Has a Premier Dealer for the Planet's Most Efficient Solar Panels

WILMINGTON, NC, November 1, 2012 – Cape Fear Solar Systems, Wilmington, NC-based leader in residential and light commercial solar system design and installation, is proud to announce the achievement of SunPower® Premier Dealer status with SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ: SPWR).

SunPower Premier Dealers must adhere to a strict set of performance standards and provide superior service to match the manufacturer's superior products. All SunPower Dealers are carefully selected to ensure they're the best-qualified, most professional solar dealers in the region, meeting the highest standards for quality work and customer service. The SunPower Premier Dealers must complete SunPower advanced training, consistently achieve high customer satisfaction scores and meet performance standards for design, quality, and service.

"SunPower Premier Dealers are selected for their commitment to providing customers with outstanding service in delivering the most efficient and reliable solar technology available today," said Ken Fong, SunPower General Manager, Americas. "We are very pleased to welcome Cape Fear Solar Systems as a member of our Premier Dealer network. Together, SunPower and SunPower Premier Dealers are raising the bar in the solar industry with unparalleled, high-quality products and services."

"We are honored and excited. We work hard to be the solar leader in our area and this is a great way to be recognized for our dedication, professionalism and attention to details of the systems we install," says William Wilson, the company's Lead Installer. "Installing a superior product like SunPower goes hand in hand with Cape Fear Solar Systems' long term philosophy of providing our customers with the best solar products available on the current global market. With every system design, we aim to top the experience of going solar with a well organized and aesthetically pleasing installation, and superior customer service."

Cape Fear Solar Systems is constantly seeking to be the best in the business while providing the greatest value and the most competitive pricing for the most powerful solar panels on the planet. "Over the last 5 years we have forged lasting relationships with renewable energy savvy property owners by providing efficient, quality solar solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of every customer. There is not one system that we designed and installed that is not producing the power we forecasted when we sold it," states President of Cape Fear Solar John Donoghue.

An American company with more than a quarter of century of solar experience, SunPower guarantees panel performance to provide maximum return on investment throughout the life of the solar system. SunPower, based in San Jose, California, currently produces the most efficient and highest output solar panels available on the global market. Their solar modules are designed to excel in both high temperature and lowlight conditions and are currently the most widely used, trusted solar panels in the United States and carry a 25 year warranty covering 100 percent of any issue related to product integrity and power output.

Doing business with a SunPower Premier Dealer means getting the highest quality workmanship and service possible when it comes to having a solar electric system installed on your home or commercial building.

To get an estimate for your solar system, please call Cape Fear Solar at 910-409-5533.

About Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC

Wilmington, NC based Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC is the Southeastern North Carolina's leader in the design and installation of residential and commercial solar systems. Fully licensed, insured and certified, Cape Fear Solar System offer a wide range of solar panels for solar thermal (solar water heating), photovoltaic (solar electric) and solar pool heating systems.

Cape Fear Solar Systems is a NABCEP Certified Solar PV, Solar Thermal™ and PV Technical Sales™ Installer, which are the distinguishing marks indicating profound knowledge and experience within the solar industry assuring high quality installations for property owners. Cape Fear Solar Systems is recognized by their customers for having a high standard of integrity, accuracy in forecasting the output of installed solar systems, and outstanding post-installation customer service.

Extensive experience in solar installations, in-house design and engineering, and being a Premier Dealer for the most efficient solar panels on the Planet, SunPower, makes Cape Fear Solar Systems the go to company for turnkey solar solutions. To learn more about the company and its green services, please visit

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