TRA-Mage Solar Mounting System Stands Strong through Hurricane Sandy's Fierce Winds

TRA-Mage's solar mounting system withstood the severe winds of Hurricane Sandy on projects Big D Electric installed near Cumberland, Maryland.

Big D Electric, based in Cumberland, Maryland has installed many of TRA's solar mounting systems in the Northeast including the SERF (Sustainable Energy Research Facility) at Frostburg State University and on an energy efficient Laundromat in Cumberland, Maryland. When Hurricane Sandy hit, Betsy Delozier, Owner and Master Electrician of Big D Electric, was very nervous to drive by her projects for fear of seeing solar panels that had blown off the roof.

Betsy's team had installed TRA-Mage's ballasted solar mounting system for the photo-voltaic solar system of the Laundromat but used another manufacturer's mounting on their solar thermal panels. She recounts, "Pretty severe winds were blowing here all evening [October 29th ] I was shocked when I saw that the solar thermal array on the roof of our new Laundromat had been blown over like dominoes, but TRA-Mage's racking on the same roof was untouched! Not a single panel was dislodged."

The Laundromat's roof was filled with pv and solar thermal panels to offset their electricity expenses. According the Ms. Dozier, "The solar thermal racking was so flimsy it is not surprising that it would not hold the collectors in place even with the extra reinforcements that I had installed on the parapet walls.

Twenty minutes up the road the Frostburg State University's SERF Building, also endured the onslaught of the storm. It has one of TRA-Mage's ballasted mounting systems on a flat roof. Delozier noted that "that area sustains some really good winds up there. I held by breath as I went by…and there was no damage to that system either."

"Big D Electric has used almost every kind of solar mounting system because general contractors sometimes specify them. But when I choose, it's always TRA. It's the most sturdy; not a flap in the wind! It's really easy to install and you don't need a dozen tools to do it. Now that I've been through this storm, I won't use any other racking system. TRA makes quality products."

Hector Reyes, Regional Sales Manager, says that the key to Ms. Dozier's success has been TRA's focus on the individual system and the engineering for each project. In addition, the president of TRA was also accessible to Big D Electric when there was a question.
TRA-Mage takes pride in manufacturing durable products and in engineering each project for their specific conditions. They know how important it is to protect people and property, they is why they offer free engineering with every project.

TRA-Mage, Inc., located in American Fork, Utah, offers Roof Snow Retention Devices, Solar Mounting Systems and Roof Flashing Solutions. They provide free engineered designs to all customers, from the homeowner to the developer. For more information call Hector Reyes at 800-606-8980, or visit

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