DEGER equips photovoltaic project in Kazakhstan German tracking technology near the border to China

Energy turnaround in Asia

Horb a.N., 06. December 2012. With an ambitious two-megawatt solar energy plant Kazakhstan enters into the solar age. The investor is the national energy provider Samruk-Energo. The Slovenian BISOL GROUP is responsible for planning, construction and installation of the solar park. For this project DEGER delivers 61 DEGERtracker type 9000NT.

Kazakhstan's first solar energy plant is to start operation still in this year. The project is located near the city of Kapchagay in the Almaty province in the South-East of Kazakhstan, not far from the border to China. This region is ideal for harvesting solar energy because here they have more than 300 sunny days per year.

The energy provider Samruk-Energo produces and sells among others electricity and heating energy. The company entrusted the Slovenian BISOL Group with the construction and installation of the first large-scale solar energy plant in Kazakhstan. BISOL is an internationally acting enterprise, which produces high-quality solar products and has far reaching experience in the construction of solar power plants. Operator and owner of the project in Kapchagay will be Samruk-Energo.

In Kazakhstan the currently built solar energy plant is considered to be a demonstration project. One part of it consists of fixed ground mounted installed photovoltaic systems with a total capacity of about 1.400 kilowatt, the second part consists of 61 DEGER tracking systems "Made in Germany" with a total capacity of around 600 kilowatt. All systems are equipped with monocrystalline BISOL PV modules.

The plant shall help to cover the fast growing energy demand in the Almaty province. According to Almasadam Satkaliyev, CEO of Samruk-Energo, Kazakhstan has renewable energy sources with a potential of one trillion kilowatt hours per year. They intend to increase the share of green energies in the country's energy mix from currently 0.5 percent to eleven percent by 2030.

DEGER is world market leader in the field of solar tracking systems. More than 49,000 DEGER-systems have been installed in 49 countries all over the world. The enterprise has branch offices in Spain, Greece and North America and cooperates with local sales and service partners in many counties around the globe. The patented MLD technology from DEGER provides the possibility of achieving a 45 percent surplus yield on average compared to rigidly mounted systems.

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About BISOL (

BISOL Group is an innovative and internationally acclaimed European producer of premium quality photovoltaic (PV) modules. With an annual production capacity the worldwide installations ideally reduce over 79.000 tons of CO2 emissions each year. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, BISOL PV modules ensure an outstanding long-term performance and are designed to withstand the most rigorous operating conditions. Performance tests by Photon prove BISOL modules to be one of the most exclusive products available in the world market, ensuring the highest energy yields and thus more satisfying returns on investment. The BISOL brand stands for indisputable quality and reliability, customer-oriented services and a continuous drive for technological innovations. To strengthen its presence worldwide, BISOL Group runs international operations from its representative offices in Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany.

About DEGER (

DEGER is the leading manufacturer with the globally largest product portfolio for single and dual axis solar tracking systems. Its market position is based on the unique, patented "Maximum Light Detection" - or MLD technology, developed by Artur Deger. It provides the possibility to increase the yield of solar power plants by using an "intelligent" control. The MLD-sensor thereby always aligns the solar modules with the energetically most potent point in the sky. This way MLD-guided solar systems achieve on average a 45 percent higher yield than rigidly installed systems – in peaks this value is even considerably higher. With more than 49,000 system installed in 49 countries, DEGER is world market and technology leader. The enterprise offers all solutions of relevance for the product – from development and planning to production and sales right up to maintenance and repair.

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