Infinity Solar Opens Design Center to Show off SunPower's Sleek New Panels

For homeowners who want to save but dont like appearance of solar panels, SunPower by Infinity Solar now offers sleek, efficient solar panels.

The Infinity Solar team is eager to show off the new line of SunPower products at its new design center in Pearl River, New York. Homeowners are spending more time educating themselves on what is truly important when going solar. A recent digital poll of New Jersey and New York homeowners revealed that people want solar panels to have a better appearance on their rooftops and are also interested in a lower monthly energy payment, system efficiency, and reliability.

The new design center demonstrates how the sleek solar panels will look on a home. The attractive, all-black panels sit close to the rooftop and appear as though they are part of the roof. Along with having the most aesthetically pleasing residential solar panels in the industry, SunPower also delivers the highest efficiency panels in the world. It takes fewer SunPower panels to generate the same amount of power, or more, than a conventional system would generate. SunPower guarantees the performance and production of electricity on every system it maintains, which means that homeowners are guaranteed a reduced, fixed monthly electric bill for years to come.
"The customer experience is where Infinity shines," said Infinity Solar founder Murphy Panagiotou. "We invest in people, and our operational and installation teams are extremely organized. We run a clean job site and are focused on swift installation timelines and installing quality solar systems that save our customers money month after month."
Infinity Solar also recently updated its website and added a solar savings calculator ( to enhance user experience. Website visitors can enter basic information and receive an instant estimate of how much they could potentially save by going solar. The Infinity team has created a homegrown business model that is superior to that of typical outsourced solar contractors in the business space. Infinity provides a model similar to a car dealership because it maintains an ongoing relationship with customers even after the solar system has been installed.
Homeowners who are interested in visiting the Infinity Solar Design Center in Pearl River should complete the online contact form ( or call 844-785-5630 to speak with an Infinity Solar team specialist.
About Infinity Solar
SunPower by Infinity Solar was founded in 2008. The company is nationally recognized as one of Solar Power Worlds top solar contractors, and its executives have been featured in Smart CEO magazine for their proven, team-centric approach.
The Infinity Solar team has extensive experience and knowledge in designing solar panel systems for residential and commercial properties. The team makes the engineering, permitting, and installation of the system simple and easy for customers.
SunPower develops the most efficient and cosmetically friendly solar panel solutions in the industry and provides the greatest financial savings and positive environmental impact for its customers.
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