Morgan Thermal Ceramics announces extensive range of Mastics for maintenance and hot spot repair

These products can be used in any types of boilers. Heat recovery steam generators are related to renewable energy because they can use a gas turbine to produce high reliability electricity, allowing them to be greener and energy self-reliant.

Morgan Thermal Ceramics announces extensive range of Mastics for maintenance and hot spot repair

Morgan Thermal Ceramics announces the availability of an extensive range of pumpable mastics, ideal for maintenance and repair of hot spots in the power generation industry. Complementing a full line of fiber and refractory insulation products, the Mastics range includes pumpables and moldables.

Hot spot repair pumpables are designed for injection filling of refractory joints and cracks, even whilst the boilers are in operation. Rather than shutting down the furnace and idling it for days or weeks until the temperature cools, resulting in potentially costly downtime, pumpable wet fiber technology can be used to make repairs within hours. Designed for pumping into voids caused by deteriorated insulation, grouting cracks and gaps in refractory linings, these pumpable products are ideal for providing quick and easy re-insulation behind boiler tubes in sidewalls, seals and floors, as well as repairs of ovens, furnaces and process equipment.

The pumpable range includes products manufactured from low bio-persistent fibers and Refractory Ceramic Fiber materials, including Superwool® insulating fiber, Kaowool® fiber, Cease-Fire® 2000 insulating foam, and Therm O-Hot Patch™, all of which are quick and easy to install with HS-100 extrusion pumps or A0-25 caulking gun kits.

Morgan Thermal Ceramics' versatile moldable putties are excellent for patching refractory cracks, penetration seals, and metal stud protection. Ready-to-use for temperatures ranging from 2000°F to 2400°F, these moldable products feature excellent strength and low fired shrinkage. They are available in low bio-persistent Superwool® fiber and also Kaowool® brands.


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About Morgan Thermal Ceramics

Morgan Thermal Ceramics is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced heat insulation products which are used to help reduce energy consumption in a range of industrial processes, from iron and steel production to power generation. Key products include Superwool® the leading low bio-persistent insulating fibre, insulating firebricks (IFBs) and a range of monolithic materials. The business employs some 3,000 people in more than 50 locations worldwide, with manufacturing sites in 25 countries.

Morgan Thermal Ceramics is a business within the Morgan Ceramics Division of The Morgan Crucible Company plc, one of the world's leading advanced materials companies. The company specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of ceramic and carbon products which are used in a wide range of applications, from transport and telecommunications to fire protection and medical instruments. Morgan Crucible is listed on the London Stock Exchange in the engineering sector.

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