New solar energy air conditioning units by Kingtec Solar to dazzle visitors at the NAHB International Builders' Show (IBS) 2013

IBS visitors to get peek at 5 new models with 16,000 BTU's to 32,000 BTU's capacities that promise up to 80% energy savings

Charleston, SC, January 4, 2013: Kingtec Solar is a leader in solar air conditioner technology. Today, we are delighted to announce our participation at the NAHB International Builders' Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, where we will be unveiling 5 new models of our solar air conditioner lineup for residential and commercial use. IBS will run January 22-24, 2013 at the Lass Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) - Las Vegas , TX. Don't forget to visit us at Kingtec Group USA, Inc. Booth:2555.

As a premier annual event for the U.S. home building industry, IBS is the world's largest annual light construction trade show, featuring products and technologies in over 300 building industry categories from over 1,000 vendors, with over 50,000 architects, building material dealers and remodelers expected to attend. Kingtec believes IBS is the ideal opportunity to showcase the newest additions to our line of solar air conditioners to interested buyers, home builders, HVACR professionals and dealers worldwide. These appliances have already generated strong expressions of interest from vendors and distributors across the globe, from Asia to Africa, Europe to the Middle East and across America. Now, visitors, attendees and participants at IBS will get a chance to have hands-on exposure to these amazing devices.
Kingtec's current solar air conditioner line-up includes:
K25Z-4 Solar Window Air Conditioner (Off Grid Ready)
K50GJ-4 - Solar Vertical Wall Mount Air Conditioner
K25xd-4,K50xd-4 - Solar Tru-Wall Air Conditioner
K25FT-4 Solar Split Ductless
K25CJ-4 Solar Window Air Conditioner
K25TF-4,K50TF-4 Solar Cassette Ceiling Mount Air Conditioner
and are already proving themselves to be highly effective in areas hit by constant blackouts or rolling brownouts. Inspired by the world famous Kingtec DC-powered mobile AC, the new solar air conditioner range use some of the same proven components from Kingtec and other globally renowned component manufacturers.
Global inquiries received from interested parties include business people in Africa that depend on using generator power because power from the grid is extremely unreliable and prohibitively expensive. The Company was also thrilled to receive expressions of interest from a number of regions where electric power is more expensive than the cost of owning an AC. For these users and for ordinary consumers that want to switch to greener, cheaper and renewable energy, a solar air conditioner is the ideal solution. Kingtec's K25Z-4 for example is capable of running at an amazing 18.8 E.E.R off the grid. That's a stunning 180% more efficient than a conventional "energy efficient" 2-ton split ductless unit!
On behalf of Kingtec Solar, we invite you all to visit us at Kingtec Group USA, Inc. Booth:2555 so we can explain all the features that the newest range of solar powered air conditioners have to offer. You can also test-drive the latest energy efficient and sustainable HVACR technology contained in our new range of solar air conditions.

Dealer inquiries are also welcome!

To learn more about Kingtec Solar and it's solutions, visit us online at:
Jamie Edens
Solar Technical Assistance/
USA East Coast Representative

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