DEGER delivers 1,161 tracking systems to Spain Robust and high-yield technology is convincing

Follow-up order of AE3000 for DEGERtraker 5000NT

Horb a.N., February 19th, 2013. DEGER delivers 1,161 DEGERtraker 5000NT tracking systems to Spain. The customer is the Alternativa Energética 3000 (AE3000) company, which purchased and installed 3,100 DEGER systems in recent years. DEGER is world market leader in the field of solar tracking.

Between 2004 and 2008, AE3000 built several solar parks in Spain and installed altogether 3,100 DEGER systems there. In the following years the Spanish market lay almost desolate, due to the uncertainties regarding feed in tariff and political framework conditions. In the meantime, the projects applied for by AE3000 have started moving again. And: After many years of practical experience, the investor is highly satisfied with the yield as well as the robust, reliable technology from DEGER.

Satisfied to such an extent that he has now placed a large follow-up order: After delivering and installing 108 DEGERtrakers type 5000NT in late autumn 2012, AE3000 has now ordered further 1,053 systems. The first ones are already on the way; the rest are to be delivered until March. AE3000 will use them to build several new solar parks in the northern Spanish region of Catalonia near the city of Lleida.

Jordi Pellicer, Managing Director of AE3000: "The MLD tracking systems from DEGER are characterised by high yields and an excellent price/performance ratio. After these systems have been in operation in our parks for several years now, it is obvious: The technology works smoothly and is practically maintenance-free. Reason enough for us to build more solar parks with this technology."

DEGER is world market leader in the field of solar tracking systems. More than 50,000 DEGER systems have been installed in 51 countries all over the world. The enterprise has branch offices in Spain, Greece and North America and cooperates with local sales and service partners in many countries around the globe. The patented MLD technology from DEGER provides the possibility to achieve on average a surplus yield of 45 percent in comparison to fixed systems.

About AE3000 (

AE3000 was founded 2004. The company's clear aim is to change an energy model which is not sustainable. With an output of more than 55 MW, which is fed into the power grid, AE3000 specializes on realising turnkey projects in the field of photovoltaic systems on roofs and on the ground, projects for using thermal solar energy privately or commercially, as well as systems in the field of biogas, biomass and wind power. Renewable energies are a safe alternative for private persons and companies. The company has proved this in many projects in the meantime.

In addition, AE3000 has a company which sells electrical energy and is active all over Spain on the free market for purchasing and selling electricity with its more than 1,000,000 customers. At the moment Alternativa Energética 3000, SL, is focussing on the operation and maintenance of systems for power generation with a total output of 55 MW. This output will increase with the realisation of new projects.

About DEGER (

DEGER is the leading manufacturer with the globally largest product portfolio for single and dual axis solar tracking systems. Its market position is based on the unique, patented "Maximum Light Detection" - or MLD technology, developed by Artur Deger. It provides the possibility of increasing the yield of solar power plants by using an "intelligent" control. The MLD-sensor thereby always aligns the solar modules with the energetically most potent point in the sky. This way MLD-guided solar systems achieve on average a 45 percent higher yield than fixed systems – in peaks this value is even considerably higher. With more than 50,000 systems installed in 51 countries, DEGER is world market and technology leader. The enterprise offers all solutions of relevance for the product – from development and planning to production and sales right up to maintenance and repair.

Nearly 400 employees currently work for DEGER at its headquarters in Horb, in its branch offices and at suppliers. The company was founded in 1999 and in 2001 was awarded with the Inventor Prize of the federal State of Baden-Württemberg for the MLD-sensor. In 2005 DEGER opened its first branch office in Spain, in 2009 branch offices opened in the USA and in Greece, in summer 2011 production started in Australia. DEGER produces in Germany, Australia, Canada and in the USA. Business is managed by Artur Deger.

You can't always rely on the weather. But you can rely on a tracking system from DEGER.

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