NewPower™ Responds To Power Grid Threats With Innovative Emergency Power System Anchored by the Sun.

Comprehensive solar power system uses latest battery technology and a stand-by generator for "triple-redundant" power security that never fails.

Feb 21, 2013, Saint Petersburg, FL…….Lately the news media has been filled with stories about the numerous threats to our national power grid, from meteors, to cyber-attacks, to coronal max ejections from the sun, to over 15 extreme weather events over the last 24 months that cost taxpayers $160B and counting. The fact is, the doomsday peppers' are not so crazy after all, it's risky being without a backup power system for emergencies , as the millions who lost power during Sandy will attest. Without electricity, families are forced to evacuate their homes.

A new category emerging for the AV industry is Emergency Power Systems (aka alternative energy systems). NewPower™ USA has put together a comprehensive, "triple-redundant" back-up power system for residential and commercial applications that keeps the power flowing to the most essential circuits during a grid failure of any duration. It's the first time a complete turn-key system is available and shipped ready to install, without the home or business owner having to invest their valuable time researching a very technical subject.

The NewPower™ system is anchored by 4500 solar-generated watts from 18 American made panels rated at 250 watts each. They are deployed on two pole-mounts, each array uses 9 panels, laid up 3 x 3. The sun generates 28.6 kWh per day, nearly enough to cover the needs of the average home. Excess power is sold back to the grid, freezing your power meter and reducing annual power costs by 70% on average, higher when done with precision.

After sundown, the grid is the primary back-up to the sun. Should the grid fail, an 8000 watt battery back-up UPS takes over instantly on the "essential" circuits, those considered most important to survive a prolonged power failure at home. The battery system can run essential circuits for 7-10 hours; afterwards it gets a recharge from either the 8000 watt stand-by generator, the sun when it comes up, or when the grid is restored. This is called "triple-redundant" power , the kind that will never fail.

The system qualifies for a 30% Federal Income Tax Credit and each state has its own incentives that can amount to another 30% depending on the state. Each state also offers very attractive financing for installing solar systems. The pay back on the NewPower™ system is 5-7 years. The peace of mind goes on forever and becomes a valuable property enhancement when it's time to sell.

Interested parties should contact Bob Rapoport, the CEO of NewPower at 727-866-9767 or for more details. Visit

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