Dual axis Solar tracker with astronomical and optical controller

1) Both elevation and azimuth have slewing driver, not linear actuator for elevation 2) The max power output of tracker can reach 20KW

Products Information

1. Description
double-sided light-emitting T8 tubes save you more energy and more space. One t8 tube, which can emit light from two sides, works as well as two ordinary tubes due

to its unique design. It saves you more money and space on installing two traditional ones. The beam angle of the tube is 120 degrees, and the light-emitting surface

is up to 360 degrees. The lockable rotatable end caps can adjust illumination angle up to 180 degrees. T8 tubes are applicable to refrigerators, freezers, ATM machine,

subway, lightbox, etc.

2. Advantage
With isolated power supply and Safety Europe wired without safety problems.
Lockable rotatable end caps adjust illumination angle up to 180 degrees.
CE, RoHS & TUV Approved and UL applying-ensuring our T8 LED Tubes are of the very best quality.

3. Feature
● Light Source: SMD3528/3020 LED
● Material: AL + Strengthen PC cover
● Lifespan: >50,000hrs
● Up to 70% Energy Saving Consumption
● High Brightness
● Easy Installation
● Extended Life
● Ballast Bypassed/ Removed
● Instant On
● High Shock/Vibration Resistance
● No Buzzing
● No Mercury/Poisons
● No Radio Frequency Interference
● No Flickering
● Fast Return on Investment

4. Technical Specifications
A. Electrical Specifications
Model Power Dimension (mm) LED Quantity
(pcs) Luminous (Frosted lens) Luminous (Clear Lens)
L06G-600MM 15W 26*588(2FT) 144 1500lm10% 1650lm10%
L06G-1200MM 20W 26*1198(4FT) 216 2000lm10% 2200lm10%
L06G-1500MM 24W 26*1498(5FT) 240 2400lm10% 2640lm10%

Operation Temperature: -20oC to 40oC
Storage Temperature: -40oC to 85oC
Voltage: AC100-240V
Frequency: 60HZ/50HZ
Power Factor: >0.95
Power supply Efficiency: >0.86

B. Photometric Specifications
LED Luminous Efficiency: > 100lm/w
CRI: CRI >70 or>80
CCT: Warm White 3000k, daylight white 4000k, pure white 5500k, cold white 6500k

C. Mechanical Specifications
Beam Angle: 120o
Light-emitting surface: 360o
Isolated power supply
Latest lockable rotating end cap
Frosted or clear cover available on request
Weight: 588MM/178.2g, 1198mm/416.6g, 1498mm/510g

5. Packing
Giftbox Inner box Outside box
Length giftbox size (cm) QTY/CTN pcs inner box size (cm) volume weight QTY/CTN pcs outer box Size(cm) volume weight
0.6M 66*3.5*3.5 25 72*24*24 8.5kg 50 74*48*26 18.5kg
1.2m 127*3.5*3.5 25 133*24*24 15.5kg 50 135*48*26 34kg
1.5m 157*3.5*3.5 25 163*24*24 19kg 50 165*48*26 41kg

6. Applications (Civilian & Commercial Use)
Refrigerators, freezers, lightbox, ATM Machine, Subway, etc.

7. Easy Installation
L06G T8 Tube can be easily installed just like conventional T8 fluorescent tube. LED T8 fits in existing sockets with just a slight wiring modification.
LED fluorescent light technology offers bright light, low heat with the coast saving features of no ballast required.

NOTE: Before installation, please make sure the power is turned off.

A. When t8 tubes are replaced in a standard fluorescent tube batten; the starter must be removed, and replaced by the enclosed fuse.
ATTENTION: Only suitable for battens with magnetic ballast, not electronic ballast.

Magnetic Ballast

B. Electronic ballast must be by-passed by a registered electrician.

Electronic Ballast

You can use the protective cover on the end of tubes, and adjust to any angle.

8. Warranty
3 years since the date of shipment.

[Warranty Terms]
A. Under the terms of this warranty, if the product has a failure occurring under normal usage within warranty period, ERVAN will provide free maintenance service

based on the proof-documents and invoice (copy) of failure product.

B. ERVAN will provide paid maintenance service by under conditions within warranty.
(1) Failure or damage due to force majeure.
(2) Failure or damage due to transport or unloading.
(3) Failure or damage due to incorrectly usage or fail to comply with the User's Guide and Caution.
(4) Failure or damage due to demolition, repair, alteration without Manufacturer's authorization.

C. Please deliver the failure product by original packing for maintenance service, ERVAN will not be responsible for any failure or damage in transportation if customer

use non-original packing or improper packing.

D. ERVAN reserves the right for final explanation of aforesaid terms.

ERVAN will not be responsible for any other failure or damage by incorrectly usage.

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