The first energy self-sufficient car showroom in Mauritius

SETL and meeco install solar power and storage system on KIA showroom rooftop

ZUG/PAILLES. On March 20th Sir Navin Rangoolam, Prime Minister of Mauritius, inaugurated the KIA Motors showroom in Port Louis, Mauritius. The showroom stands out from the competition due to an innovative energy concept composed of a solar photovoltaic (PV) and an energy storage system installed by SOLAR-ERNTE-TECHNIK LTD (SETL), a subsidiary of the LEAL group and a partner of The meeco Group. At the inauguration Hon. Devanand Virahsawmy, Minister of Environment and the top management of KIA Motors Corporation were also present.

The solar system installed on the showroom's rooftop is divided in two sections. A first section supplies energy to the building during daytime while the other, based on hybrid technology and Durion Lithium storage systems, stores solar energy during the day and powers the showroom lights and external signs at night, making KIA's showroom a self-sufficient building. The excess energy produced is sold to the local utility, producing an income that contributes to the payback of the initial investment. During his speech, Sir Navin Rangoolam pointed out the importance of such an approach in the growing Mauritian economy.

For this project, The meeco Group and SETL followed their agreed strategy to provide solely long-lasting solutions, and thus selected top tier material such as Bosch 250 Wp monocrystalline modules in combination with SMA Sunny Tripower inverters for the grid-connected section and Durion technology for the hybrid section. "The choice to install an innovative hybrid system that stores energy for the night even in an area served by the public grid not only shows that the technology used is proven but also that it is economically viable" says Dieter Trutschler, Sales Director of The meeco Group. "Unlike older hybrid systems, composed of several parts assembled on site, the Durion power converter features an all-in-one construction including chargers, inverter, bypass and an internal PC displaying all the system parameters including energy production statistics on a touch interface" explains Claudio Alberti, Director of Power and Storage of The meeco Group.

Thanks to the excellent service and customer care provided by Mauritius' main car distributor LEAL, KIA has become the first selling brand on the territory in just two years time. The local business expansion together with the success of the brand motivated KIA to build a new showroom in Port Louis. Up to this date, the LEAL group has installed about 200 KWp of PV on its own rooftops, producing 60% of the group's energy needs and thus positively impacting energy savings.

About The meeco Group: The meeco Group was consolidated in 2000 and oriented its main focus towards the energy sector. With world headquarters located in Zug, Switzerland, the group currently has over 50 employees working across 4 continents. Thanks to a structured but flexible approach based on its core competencies, meeco has delivered over 250 MW of clean, renewable energy solutions across four continents. The meeco Group accomplishes its mission by providing project developers, investors, governments, and private businesses with the services necessary for timely financing, installation, and operation of clean energy assets.
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